A bit about tartar and bad breath

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Dentists in Poland tell us that the three most common problems faced by most of us are:

  • tartar
  • tooth discoloration
  •  and bad breath.

Discoloration can be eliminated by using whitening toothpastes; bad breath – remove with the help of herbal lotions and refreshing mouthwash. In contrast, removal of tartar require a visit to the dentist.

Bad breath, that can’t be eliminated with home methods – may be a sign of disease. Therefore, it is necessary to consult with a specialist. Your dentist or dental hygienist will diagnose the cause of bad breath and advise you how to get rid of it. In many cases, the culprit is wrong or inadequate oral hygiene. Contrary to popular belief, learning the proper cleaning of teeth to avoid tartar needs to be repeated periodically. Patients in the study in the context of prevention will learn how to properly use preparations and cleaning supplies and what to choose from the market offer.


The removal of tartar is a necessity because the deposits pressing themselves into the gum give rise to inflammatory conditions and eventually lead to loosening and loss of teeth. The hygiene treament should be removed every six months. During the liquidation of mineralized plates you also get rid of the stains and fresh sediment. The dentist removes the stone with ultrasound, then uses dental sand and polishes the enamel. Teeth after such dental treatment in Poland are brighter and shiny, with healthy periodontium.


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