Biomaterials and implants

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Modern implantology provides a solution also for those people who just a few years ago weren’t eligible for dental implant surgery, because their jaw bone tissue was damaged. By implementing new biotechnologies in dental treatment in Poland we can now regenerate bones. To do this doctors ude biomaterial, a bone substitute. It has the natural mineral structure of a bone, very similar to the human tissue. Biomaterials can be used not only before the implant surgery to regenerate teh bone, but also when it is necessary to regenerate the tissue around the implant. Bone loss around the implant may occur when the implant has been worn for many years. In this case, in order to ensure the stability of implant placement in the gum, it is necessary to eliminate bone defects without removing the implant.  Dentistry in Poland is of very high standard and the dentist have great experience with implants.


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