Benefits of having dental crown done abroad

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Dental crowns procedure is teeth restoration method, “the cap” covers the whole visible part of a tooth. Crowns are one of the most popular dental procedures abroad and are placed for either aesthetic or protective reason. You may need a crown to protect a weak tooth, to restore a broken tooth, to cover misshaped or severely discolored tooth, to hold a dental bridge in place, to cover a dental implant or a tooth after a root canal treatment.

Dental crowns abroad are done by professionals

Dental Travel Poland works only with the best specialists. Our surgeons are professionalists holding diplomas and certificates from the most prestigious Med Schools from around the world. Furthermore, they constantly improve their knowledge and attend lots of seminars to be up to date with the development of new methods. Our dentists are extremely experienced in conducting crown procedures, as they provide thousands of patients with a new beautiful smile every year. It is also common in Poland that our specialists gain their experience and practice abroad, in countries such us UK or USA. Every crown is always prepared individually for each patient so that its shape, color, and size is the exact copy of a natural tooth. If you still don’t believe how professional the dentists abroad are, you can always ask us about the before and after photos!

In Poland, dental crowns are done with the use of best materials

Dental crowns abroad can be made of various materials. During the first visit in our dental clinic, you and your dentist will choose the material that will suit you best. Dental Travel Poland provides patients with any options as to the material of the crown.

First of all, we are offering metal crowns, which are the most durable, as it rarely breaks or chips, However, this kind of crowns are recommended rather for back teeth, as their color is not natural. Although we have good news. Porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns are easily color-matched to your teeth natural shade. This material is a little less durable than pure metal crowns, still, it is the most popular option. We are also offering resin crowns, which main advantage is the most affordable price. However, they can chip or wear down sooner than any other.

The best choices as to the crown material are porcelain or zirconium crowns. Porcelain or ceramic crowns are the best mainly for the front teeth, as they can match the color of your natural teeth to the extent that there is no visible difference between them. We truly recommend zirconium crowns. They are so strong they can be used anywhere in the mouth, as they can withstand the biting pressure and grinding. Furthermore, they look almost the same as natural teeth. Zirconium is a material of the best quality, so it is very usable within dental work.

Dental crowns abroad are cheap

If you decide to have your dental crowns abroad you can save up to 70% on it (in comparison to UK or Germany). The prices in such countries as Poland are much cheaper. Coming to Poland for a dental treatment is a perfect solution for patients wanting to spend the little money on professional dentistry services.

The prices for crowns in Poland are one of the most affordable in Europe. The prices for a crown always vary and depend on the material from which it is made. The price for a metal crown in Poland is just 130 GBP, which is a great deal!

Poland is a perfect destination to have dental crowns done

Poland is a perfect destination for both cheap crowns and holidays. Poland is a beautiful place to go with many great places worth visiting. Medical tourism is very popular now, so while getting your cheap dental treatment, you can do some sightseeing. You can combine traveling and your surgery during one visit. Our patient advisors will help you find the cheapest flight tickets and offer affordable accommodation, thanks to which you will not only have your crown treatment done but also experience a fantastic trip to Poland and save lots of money. Experience famous Polish hospitality and travel abroad for your dental work!

Dental tourism in Poland

If you have any questions as to the crowns procedure or affordable dental treatment in Poland, do not hesitate to contact our patient advisors at Dental Travel Poland! We provide the best services at the lowest prices so do not wait and book your appointment today!


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