A beautiful smile is in fashion

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More and more people are choosing to enhance the appearance of their smile. Not only by teeth whitening in Poland or by replacing missing teeth. Young people like to place ornaments. They can be gold or silver flowers or stones sticked to the tooth.

People with less extravagant tastes decide to whiten their teeth. This can be done in different ways, depending on the patience, time, and how much we want to spend.

Fast, but quite expensive way to teeth whitening in the dental office, in one visit. The dentist places on teeth a special gel, the treatment of which is further enhanced with light by a special lamp. Everything takes about an hour, and the teeth become whiter by several shades.

The other method is done at home. The patient himself applies a special gel cap, made for him in the dentist’s office. It lasts for 14 days.

Effects of treatments will be more visible if we use refrain from coffee, tea or cigarettes.

People who are missing teeth can choose from various dental treatments in Poland. The most expensive but also the most aesthetically pleasing and comfortable to use are implants. To a  titanium bolt screwed into the bone is a crown attached. However, you need to devote at some time and money. The effects are really impressive though. We may also have crowns placed in the place of the missing tooth.


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