How to Avoid Dental Implants Infections

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woman smiling after dental implants procedureDental implants are permanent jaw restoration, they look and function like natural teeth. As implant function like normal teeth, they might be infected, as well. The gum area and the bone structure around implant might be easily diseased. Any infection or inflammation around implants is widely known as peri-implantitis. Each patient must be aware that any implant without proper oral care might fall out. The problem is that implant with the crown on the implant, which felt out cannot be inserted one more time, so the patient will have to pay for implant and crown on implant one more time. But do not worry, there are some tips to avoid dental implant failure and its infection.

Causes of dental implant infection

Here you may checklist of the most frequent causes of dental infection and dental implants risks. The Dental Implants Infection Rate is 98%, but still some infections happens. Here you may check listy why Dental Implant Get Infected:
Poor sterilization – the poor sterilization means that any tool any surgical instrument might be infected with bacterial which very often ends with if the peri-implantitis.

  • Dental implant contamination – dental implants are always packed in the sterile box, but implants might be easily contaminated during the procedure, very often ends with if the peri-implantitis or bone might reject implant very fast.
  • Poor material quality – low-quality implants may leave holes between the fixture and the bone that could attract bacteria and get infected, which ends with implant failure
  • Improper implant placement – well-inserted implant do not leave gaps between fixture, badly installed implant may have some gaps between fixture and bone which attracts bacteria
  • Restoration problems – most often dentist installs permanent crown on unhealed implant which leads to infection around implant
  • Poor oral hygiene – each patient with implant installed is obliged to teeth cleaning as a daily routine. What is more, patients should use floss and mouthwash to eliminate bacteria from areas where the toothbrush can not reach. Patients should follow up yearly teeth check-up, as well. Bacteries can infect the implant from the surrounding teeth so it is very crucial to keep all teeth healthy.In case of any dental implant signs of infection, patient should immediately visit the dental office.

Infection after the dental implants procedure

Infection after the cheap dental implant Poland procedure is quite often. It is simple to overcome and heal. Infection is caused by some materials left after tooth extraction. The infection may happen within 2 weeks after implantation. The first sign of infection is the color of gums, infected gum is puffy and very red. What is more gum area reacts to temperature changes, so drinking coffee, eating ice creams might be painful or may lead to discomfort.

The infection may happen also in the case, that patient touch implanted area with fingers, especially with dirty fingers. The touching implanted area is forbidden!

Any type of dental implant infection usually settles quickly with a short course of antibiotic, but the patient must react quickly. Between first symptoms of infection and dental visit should not be more than one week/ 7 days as infection affects healing progress which is extremely important with dental implant procedure.

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Infection during healing phase

Healing period included the first 4 to 8 weeks after the dental implant installation. The very first symptom of infection that is pain around the important area. Patients report that they suffer from gum pain, tongue pain, even cheek pain around the area where the implant was installed. It is very important to understand that infection around the implant can be reduced with strong antibiotics, but the bone around implant will not heal again. The implant must be extracted. That is all because the layer of bone right next to the implant surface has died, and does not have a blood supply. The situation should be immediately consulted with the dentist, as bone infection left with no medical care can lead to a very serious bone infection called osteomyelitis.
How Are Dental Implants Infections Detected And Treated?

The first sign of infection after healing time is bleeding, I do not mean some bleeding once a week or even rarer. Everyday bleeding may be first signs of infection. Any gum changes cannot be ignored. Any pain around implant area, while chewing, drinking hot or cold drinks might be alerted. What is more, the patient may struggle with bad breath, some swellings, or affected taste. Any of these symptoms should not be ignored.

Regular dental check-up minimalizes the dental implant infections. Any suspicious change should be discussed with your dentist who will advise you proper action. The treatment of implantation includes antibiotics treatment, hygiene clean, antibacterial mouthwash, or any other treatment needed for a personal issue. In case the peri-implantitis is more advanced, your dentist might consider a surgical procedure to gain better access for cleaning. Each patient must remember that not treatment infection is the danger for life an healthy.

The earlier the detection of mucositis or the peri-implantitis, the fastest and more successful treatment is.

How to prevent dental implants infections

Follow dentist instructions. Each dentist will provide you with details what to do, and what to avoid after implantation. In the first 24 hours after implantation avoids hot drinks, avoid smoking and eating tough meals. Any seeds like sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, or nuts are not recommended to eat. What is more, you can not touch implanted area, you should not touch it with tongue, toothbrush or any other tool which may contain bacteria. Learn more about possible risks and how to avoid them. Patients with previous gum disease, heavy smokers, and diabetes are in risk and complications group. Monitor your overall health, any suspicious signs should be immediately discussed with the dentist.

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