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Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Turkey and Dental Health – Surprisingly Linked in Between 

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Gastric sleeve surgery, a popular bariatric procedure aimed at promoting weight loss, is gaining momentum worldwide. While its benefits for weight management are well-documented, emerging research suggests an intriguing connection between gastric sleeve surgery and dental health. In this article, we delve into the advantages of undergoing gastric sleeve Turkey and how it can positively impact dental health.


Improved Nutritional Intake:
One of the primary objectives of gastric sleeve surgery is to reduce the size of the stomach, thereby limiting food intake. As patients adopt healthier eating habits post-surgery, they often consume a diet rich in essential nutrients, including vitamins and minerals crucial for overall health, including dental health. Turkey, renowned for its diverse culinary landscape, offers patients access to nutrient-rich foods, contributing to improved dental health outcomes.


Reduction in Acid Reflux:
Gastric sleeve surgery can alleviate symptoms of gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) by reducing stomach acid production. Acid reflux is a significant contributor to dental erosion and tooth decay. By mitigating acid reflux post-surgery, patients in Turkey experience a decrease in dental erosion, preserving the integrity of their teeth and oral health.


Weight Loss and Oral Health:
Obesity is often associated with a higher prevalence of periodontal disease, tooth decay, and other oral health issues. Gastric sleeve surgery facilitates significant weight loss, thereby reducing the risk factors associated with dental diseases. Patients who undergo gastric sleeve surgery in Turkey benefit from comprehensive pre- and post-operative care, including nutritional counseling and dental hygiene education, to optimize their oral health outcomes.


Gastric Sleeve Turkey

Patients who undergo gastric sleeve surgery in Turkey optimize their oral health outcomes.


Enhanced Diabetes Management:
Many individuals undergoing gastric sleeve surgery in Turkey have comorbid conditions such as type 2 diabetes. The procedure not only aids in weight loss but also improves insulin sensitivity and glycemic control. Better management of diabetes correlates with a reduced risk of periodontal disease and other oral health complications. Patients experience holistic health benefits, including improved dental health, as a result of successful diabetes management post-surgery.


Psychological Well-being and Oral Health:
Gastric sleeve surgery often leads to significant improvements in patients’ mental and emotional well-being, as they achieve their weight loss goals and regain confidence in their appearance. Positive psychological outcomes can translate to better oral hygiene practices and regular dental care, thereby promoting long-term dental health. Turkey’s renowned hospitality and patient-centered approach to healthcare contribute to a supportive environment conducive to patients’ overall well-being.


The advantages of gastric sleeve surgery in Turkey extend beyond weight loss to encompass various aspects of health, including dental health. By addressing obesity and its associated comorbidities, such as diabetes and acid reflux, gastric sleeve surgery contributes to improved oral health outcomes. Patients undergoing gastric sleeve surgery in Turkey benefit from comprehensive care, nutritional support, and access to diverse culinary options that promote dental health. As awareness of the link between bariatric surgery and dental health grows, Turkey emerges as a leading destination for individuals seeking holistic healthcare solutions.

Why all on 4 is the best solution

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smile after all on 4All on 4 is a dental solution in which dental bridge replacing all teeth is supported on four implants. It serves as a full mouth restoration for patients with decayed or badly broken down teeth and for those suffering from a gum disease.

The features of all on 4 abroad include:

  • the whole bridge is placed on only four implants
  • 2 implants are put straight and 2 are put at a 45º angle
  • the solution gives immediate results (thanks to a temporary bridge)
  • it is a life-lasting treatment

When is all-on-4 dental implants the best option?

The most important thing for the dentist is to assess the patients’ problem, needs and expectations before proposing the treatment. If the dentist considers all on 4 to be the best possible option, it is worth undertaking this treatment. It involves removing the existing teeth and creating the new ones from scratch. The dental bridge usually consists of 10-12 teeth (units of a bridge) – the number, size and shape of new teeth are individually adjusted to the patient. The bridge is placed on implants. The standard number of implants is 4, but it may vary from 2 to 6 depending on individual patients. Dental implants serve as teeth roots and are screws made of titanium. They are put directly into the gums. All on 4 problems can include mainly the lack of bone to anchor the implants. Yet, it also can be solved in the dental office. The procedure before implantation is called bone augmentation and some patients have it performed before all on 4 dental implant procedure. While listing all on 4 benefits, there are many factors that weigh in favour of this treatment.

 Among them, the most important are:

  • restoring the stability of mouth
  • immediate results
  • low cost
  • a long-term improvement of life quality


Restoring the stability of mouth

The traditional dentures are kept in place with the use of special adhesives such as powders, pastes or gums. Yet, they tend to be of a short duration and a relatively low quality, which results in an anxiety, additional expenses, and discomfort of the patient. All on 4 is a perfect alternative that eliminates all these concerns. It provides stability, strength and support to the mouth. The only care that is needed after all on 4 dental implants treatment is exactly the same as with the natural teeth, that is regular brushing and control visits at the dentist’s once in a while. Patients with receding gums might think that it is not possible to anchor the implants properly because they become loose anyway. There is a solution to this concern. Patients having too little bone in their gums always have bone augmentation before implantation. Thanks to that, the bone is supplied, filled and able to hold implants for years.

Immediate all on 4 results

All on 4 procedure is performed in 2 stages. Firstly, the implants are anchored in the gums. Then, the implants need some time to integrate with the bone, this process is called osseointegration. Only when the implants are caught on and the swelling is gone, can the dentist take moulds and prepare permanent bridges. Needless to say, the patient is never left toothless. Just after implantation, the dentist puts a temporary bridge, so that the patient has teeth immediately. It allows for coming back to the normal, daily activities just after leaving the dental office. Patients can leave without any feeling of discomfort or stress that they look unfavourably. Once permanent bridges are fitted, the treatment is completed and patients can enjoy their brand new teeth and pride themselves on their perfect smile. For many patients, immediate all on 4 results is the main factor in favour of all on 4 abroad treatment.

Low cost

At first sight, all on 4 treatment may seem expensive and out of reach for many people. Of course, it must be admitted that this procedure is one of the most expensive full jaw restoration treatments, but it is worth the price. The possibility of having totally new, perfectly adjusted teeth that will last for many years is more than appealing. Also, patients need to realise that all on 4 abroad is a kind of investment as this treatment is done once and significantly fewer future visits at the dentists are needed, not to mention teeth problems. Actually, people who have all on 4 treatment can forget about future teeth problems, which allows for saving much money that otherwise they would spend on the dental care. So, it is very common that the amount of money spent on all on 4 treatment is overall lower than the amount that is spent on a cheaper alternative entailing numerous visits in the following years. Patients can reduce the all on 4 cost even more. It becomes a common practice to travel for treatment to countries offering cheaper prices at an equally high standard. The price difference between some countries has nothing in common with the quality, but rather with the currency market and exchange rate between the currencies.

A long-term improvement of life quality

All on 4 benefits are numerous. It is a significantly better alternative to the dentures. Patients can get a permanent, non-removable, natural-looking teeth that do not require any special care. Thank that they can lead a normal life without any feeling of discomfort, anxiety or pain. On the contrary, they chew and bite hard or crunchy food, get rid of speech problems appearing with traditional denture and find communication with others much easier because they are not afraid of smiling and talking any more. All on 4 is the most natural-looking solution amongst all. Implants themselves are not visible, the only visible part are crowns, the size, shape and colour of which is adjusted in a way that patients achieve a natural effect.

The development in dentistry has given us a chance to have all teeth replaced with natural-looking, permanent, non-removable solution, which is all on 4. The best candidates for this treatment are toothless patients or those with significant teeth decay. All on 4 dental implants are much more cost-effective than its cheaper alternatives which need revision treatments every few years, not to mention the results it provides! If you feel you need all on 4 treatment, do not hesitate to contact us and get our advice. We will be more than happy to organise your all on 4 abroad and will be glad to help you organise your travel and stay as well.

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