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Will my all on 4 look natural?

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girl having dental procedureThere was an era when „false teeth” were made of plastic and put for the night in the glass on the night stand. In that time to have one was embarrassing, uncomfortable and unsafe. Nowadays dental treatment moved from that kind of services and clients have access to the wide array of modern permanent dentures. Modern full mouth dental implants are comfortable, look natural and are permanent dentures that You don’t have to ever take off.

All On 4 is a permanent solution

All on 4 is the permanent solution in which 4 dental implants are a foundation for the lower and upper bridge in Your mouth. This way there is no need (and no way!) to take it out ever. The other plus of this kind of product is that it looks as good – and sometimes even better! – as the natural set of teeth. This is especially important when there are not many natural teeth left, and they don’t look good anymore. To reverse the symptoms of teeth-aging would be very time-consuming and costly process, so it is usually better to just take advantage of the natural results of all on 4.

Natural results of all on 4

The role of an implant is the same as the role of the natural teeth root that supports the crown. That is why it gives such a natural feel and look. The loss of the teeth can be dangerous, as it triggers the erosion of the jawbone. That is why if not only for appearance, it is good to have cheap all on 4 procedure for jaw health and to prevent any future problems. As it takes the shape of the jaw bone, this sort of denture does not get loose with time, even if the jaw shape will change.

All on 4 benefits

There are many all on 4 benefits. First of all, it is the natural look, appearance, and feel of this kind of teeth. Secondly, it is the benefit in terms of a long-term jaw health. It is also less hustle than traditional implants, as it doesn’t require as many dentist appointments during and after the procedure. Older methods also took more time and were very painful for the client. Instead of just 4 implants patient would typically get 8-12 implants per arch, which makes other methods very time to consume and expensive. Other dentures can’t be done in just a one day, making it very uncomfortable as the patient must parade with just partially done set of teeth. With the all on 4 procedure patient walks out of the clinic with his new teeth on the same day. There is only one more visit in next six to eight weeks when he or she gets the permanent bridge. To undergo it is a very beneficial move especially for patients with broken or missing teeth, who before couldn’t even enjoy their favorite foods. It also brings back confidence, which could be missing because of unhealthy and unesthetic teeth.

Taking care of Your new teeth

With traditional denture, there is a big risk of complications and many steps that must be done in order to be happy with the results for long. In case of All on 4, it is not as time-consuming and complicated, although of course, You can do a lot to improve Your experience and prolong teeth health. There will be pieces of advice that You will get from Your dentist about what to do in the first days, as well as how to take care of Your teeth for the rest of the time. The most important thing You can do to ensure that Your teeth will be beautiful is to choose the right professional. To find the one that is recommended by many in the United Kingdom or Germany may be easy, but usually, this sort of specialist comes with a hefty price tag for the procedures. You can as well contact us to meet one of the best professionals from Poland, whose services are much cheaper. We can assure You about his or her credentials and give You all details You need about his practice and experience. Nowadays it is common to meet Polish dentist who studied abroad (the United Kingdom and Germany are popular destinations) or have experience in Swedish, German or British hospitals. That is why You don’t have to worry about any difference in standards or practice.

Cheap all on 4

All on 4 is a quite costly procedure, so it is natural to look for an affordable all on 4 in Your native country. It is possible to find cheaper versions, but usually, the quality would not be the same. First of all cheap dentist in Sweden, Germany or United Kingdom usually will not be the best professional available. Affordable all on 4 in the UK or other European countries usually means not the same materials as used in the most expensive procedures, and this can affect the overall experience as well as the results. It is very important to choose right All on 4 as the effect will stay with You for years to come.

Dental tourism in Poland is cost effective

There is a way to have a beautiful smile, work with the best professionals, and at the same time save money. To achieve that goal You could decide to undergo this procedure in a cheaper European country. What You get in a private clinic in Poland is the same standards as anywhere else in Europe, but for the much more affordable price. All On 4 is cost effective when done in a country such as Poland, but in the meantime, You get the service of the best of Polish professionals and good quality materials. Also, the overall experience may be much better in Poland, as top clinic would typically cost as much as the average place in countries such as the United Kingdom. That is why many of our clients say that they were surprised how luxurious and positive their experience in Poland was.

How Long Will My Dental Implants Last?

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Dentist doing dental implantsDental implants abroad are one of jaw restoration treatment. That is why dental implants are said to be the best teeth restoration for toothless patients, or for patients with some missing teeth and gaps. Dental implant well maintained will last for your lifetime, most of the implants have a lifetime warranty. Lifetime warranty of cheap dental implants proofs that dental implants are designed for long-term effects and results. Of course, to benefit from long-lasting dental implants patient should take care of overall and oral health, that way then dental implants can last for decades. Each our patient is given instruction, tips, the pieces of advice how to treat teeth and dental implants.

The Lifetime of Dental Implants

We are very often asked, dentist, are even more often asked how long will the implants last? I think that is the good moment to define what does it mean, that dental implant lasts their lifetime warranty, as dental implants are lifetime procedure and lifetime effects. To measure ‘’the implant life ‘’ manufacturers and warranty makers define and measure the lifetime of a product using what is called a “bathtub curve.”. Dental implants are on market more than 30 years. Experts use 20-year case studies, they examined more than 15000 installed to define the durance of implant maintenance.

Firstly, dental implant just after installment has a relatively high failure rate. We base on 15000 implants installed. In the beginning (the first year from dental implant procedure) 200 implants occurred the failure. Implants felt down due to medical reasons, like bone or gum infections, or bone loss. Some of them felt because of implant manufacturer defect.

The next 15 years dental implant situation seems very good, Over 15000 implant installed only 119 failed. Total failure rate, accordingly to the analysis, is only 2.5%. In other words, more than 93 % of dental implants have survived. I believe that is very good news for you.

There are no case studies, no materials which proof that dental implant starts to fail regularly. Experts did not meet any failure rate equal 50%. We have compared some different case studies, where different implant brand was examined, all results seem similar.

It is hard to examine how long the implants can really last, are there are only a few people who have had dental implant treatment before their 30s. Mosty dental implants are chosen by patients with advanced age, it is sad but it is true, that many of them pass away with dental implants, so we can not determine the exact time of dental implant life.

Success Factors

The average success of the cheap dental implant is higher than 90%. That is the very high score. Dental implants results show that 90% of dental implant patients have never had any problems with cheap dental implant abroad. It does not mean that the rest of patients occurred permanent implant failure. Most of the implant which felt down were injected one more time by dental practice or manufacturer. Hope that calmed you down a bit.

There are a few factors that may influence the time of dental implant life. Here they are:

  • Bone Structure – patient must have enough bone to install the dental implant. That is why, dentists suggest bone graft/ bio bone injection, or sinus lift. Without proper, bone structure implant will not survive a long time.
  • Your Dentist: dental implant should be performed in the professional clinic, especially with long experienced dental implantology. Studies show that well-experienced dentist has lower risk and failure rate.
  • Your Bite: Excess bite force can lead to implant failure. The mouth guard may protect your teeth from bite issues.
  • Your Health: Perfect candidates for dental implants should have good overall health. Diabetes should have sugar levels stabilized.
  • Your Hygiene: dental implant should be treated as natural teeth, they need teeth brushing, flossing and dental check-ups

How Do I Maintain Dental Implants?

The long-term success of implants depends on how you will care about your new dental implant. there are some factors to keep longer maintenance of dental implants.

For sure patients with some gum diseases should attend dental check-ups. patients with bone diseases should follow dental check-ups, as well. Any gum or bone change might be treated without implant failure, but should be discovered quickly.
What is more, there are some simple tips to follow every day:

Brushing: some dentist will suggest using electronic toothbrush because of they better clean teeth and tiny gaps between teeth.

Oral Irrigation Systems: Research has shown that oral irrigation is effective to reduce stubborn rests of food, the alternative to irrigation is daily use of mouthwash.

Flossing: dentist advice to use floss at least twice a week to reduce the risk of gum inflammation or bacterial inflammation of dental implant.

Dental Visits: dental check-ups are recommended to perform every 6 months, what is more hygiene clean should be done at least once a year or even more, if it is needed of course. It is necessary to keep healthy all teeth.

Feel free to contact us and ask for dental implants. In our offer we have lots of dental systems: like singe implant, dental implant bridge, click on system bases on implants, overdentures based on implants, all on 4, all on 6 and full jaw restoration with dental bridges. Remember that in case you are missing more than one tooth, there is no need to replace each single teeth with an implant.
We are happy to inform you that our dental implant prices are very affordable and competitive against standard dental implant prices in the UK, Germany or in the USA. Our dental implant starts from 1800 PLN which is 380 GBP / 420 EUR. It is worth to underline that patients must return to Poland 6 months after dental installment to perform permanent crown on the implant which price starts from 1800 PLN which is 380 GBP / 420 EUR.

Are Dental Veneers During Pregnancy Safe?

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mother with dental veneersMany women expecting a child wonder whether it is safe to have dental veneers put or it is better to wait until the baby is born. If you are not sure whether veneers while pregnancy can influence your and your child’s health, this article is for you! Of course, as your pregnancy develops, you have more and more load to carry, especially in the second and third trimester. You should take care of your health and avoid stress, hence to help you avoid unnecessary hesitation and uncertainty while you are pregnant or expect to be, we will explain in details how and whether dental veneers Poland influence you and your unborn baby.

Every pregnant woman needs special care

A dental veneer is a cap that covers the existing tooth. The most popular type is porcelain veneers. Veneers restore the beautiful look of teeth by having the desired shape, color and size. They can serve as gap fillers, protection for decayed teeth, or can be an alternative to teeth whitening. Many dentists agree that porcelain veneers while pregnant are a safe treatment. Still, some dentist argues that it is better to wait for the procedure until a baby is born. The only reason why it is sometimes recommended for women who are pregnant to wait for the veneer treatment is that their gums are much more sensitive as the blood volume is increased during pregnancy. It is important to take a proper care of health including teeth during pregnancy. Therefore, regular visits to the dentist are significant, as the dentist needs to check whether the teeth condition has been influenced by the lack of calcium. Porcelain veneers while pregnant might be also problematic because the treatment requires a woman to lie down for some time. If your pregnancy makes that you are just unable to lie down for an extended period, then the dentist can advise you to wait several months before having cheap veneers in Poland.

What about teeth x-rays and pregnancy?

Safe dental veneers are often applied as a protection for decayed teeth – they can prevent as well as stop the process of decay. Yet, in order to check the condition of teeth, the dentist needs to have the teeth x-ray. Panoramic X-rays allow for checking whether veneers can be applied or some other treatment is needed instead, e.g. root canal treatment or implants. Dentists agree that traditional x-rays should not be performed when women are pregnant. Nonetheless, modern x-rays use a very little dose of radiation and a single x-ray should not influence the baby in any way. Also, dentists always use a thyroid guards and lead apron so that the baby is protected profoundly. So, it might be said that nowadays, X-rays are safe for pregnant women. Still, some dentists may advise you to wait with performing it. It concerns especially women in the 1st trimester.

Can dentist apply anesthesia if I’m pregnant?

Safe porcelain veneers do not require any severe anesthesia. Some women may need local anesthesia, but many types of research proved that it is safe for pregnant women. Thus, you can be sure that during the procedure you will not feel any pain and your baby will be safe. The most popular type of local anesthesia is lidocaine. Needless to say, it has no influence on the developing child. Dentists always apply such dose of anesthesia that is needed so that the patient feels comfortable. Some dentists opt for the application of a combined anesthesia, which is lidocaine and epinephrine (called also adrenaline). However, such a combination is rather avoided with regard to pregnant women. Just to make everything clear, adrenaline is not harmful to pregnant women, however, it sometimes may result in accelerated heart rate caused by the state of excitement or arousal.

When should a pregnant woman have veneer treatment?

In general, dental veneers while pregnant belong to a safe dental treatment. Yet, many patients wonder what is the best period for having porcelain veneers for pregnant women. If you need veneers just for aesthetic reasons, it would be great if you wait for the treatment several months, until you give birth to your baby. However, if your teeth condition requires the immediate treatment, the best would be performing veneers treatment in the second trimester. At that time, women feel the most comfortable, so the baby will be at a minimum risk of being influenced by the treatment. Also, porcelain veneers can, by all means, be performed in the last trimester. The only condition is that a woman feels comfortable while laying down on her back for some time. It is not recommended to perform the treatment in the first trimester because then the baby’s organs and brain develop rapidly. In fact, women should refrain from any treatments, procedures, medications or chemicals throughout the whole pregnancy period and when it is not necessary, avoid all of them.

Dental Tourism in Poland

If you wonder whether dental veneers are safe for your baby, we can assure you that the treatment is totally safe for you and your baby. If your veneers treatment is not an emergency, you will be advised to wait a few months. However, if you need an urgent veneers treatment, we will help you without hesitation. Dental Travel Poland offers the best private clinics, where only the most experienced and skilled dentists work. We guarantee that your treatment will be safe both for you and your baby, fast, cheap and painless! We will make sure you achieve the expected results! What is more, we will help you organize your treatment as well as stay in Poland. We will book a hotel for you and organize transfers between the airport, clinic and a hotel anytime you need it. If you feel you might need veneers, do not hesitate and contact us! With us, you will not only get a professional work done but also save much money! And remember that pregnancy does not prevent you from having veneers in Poland!

How to maintain Dental Veneers

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smiling girls after dental veneersDental veneers abroad are the excellent dental treatment for patients who would like to improve the shape, size, length, and color of teeth. Dental veneers are essentially thin shellsmade of composite, porcelain or zirconium that are fittedover your natural teeth. In our dental offer, the patient may also chose the e-max veneers, which are the thinnest on the dental market. E-max veneers are the best dental option for patients who do not want have their teeth ground downprior to applying the veneers. Unlike standard veneers,which requires 3 mm of the tooth surface to be ground down, E-max veneers do not require any grinding.

Veneers are chosen by patients with chipped, discolored, broken teeth. Patients with diastema, or with gaps, or other flaws in their teeth, use veneers as well to improve the smile. With veneers patient may have the natural bright smile or may have extra white Hollywood smile, the same as celebrities have. With veneers, patients can attain the samenatural, bright Hollywood smile that celebrities have.

How Long Do Dental Veneers Last?

According to almost 2000 dentists, dental veneers last up to 15 years. The durability of dental veneers depends on the veneers material. For example, the composite veneer will last only 5 years. But, the full porcelain veneer and the zircon veneer will last much longer, up to 15 years. Of course, dental veneers should be treated with proper care, like natural teeth. Each dental veneer user should remember: veneers are very thin, like 0.5 – 0.1 mm, and easy to crush, or break.

What kinds of habits can shorten the life of your veneers?

Any hard, tough meals like nuts, ice, raw veggies, raw fruits should be chewed with back teeth. Generally speaking, back teeth should be used while chewing following treatment with dental veneers. In particular, teeth covered with cheap dental veneers should not be used to chew hard or sticky foods.

How to Maintain Dental Veneers?

We get many questions from our patients like: How to Take Care of Dental Veneers? How to make veneers last longer? What to do to maintain the longest use of dental veneers abroad? How long do dental veneers last? The most important thing you can do is to select a high quality veneer material. In our opinion, the bestoption is zirconium veneers, which are made from the same zirconium material often used in jewelry. Zirconium veneers are completely natural and metal free, which also makes them a great choice forindividuals who are allergic to metals. Zirconium veneers are the most durable, the longest lasting, and themost natural option. Well performed veneers cannot be distinguished from natural teeth.

Take Care Of A Proper Hygiene

Patients with dental veneers should brush and floss their teeth just as they normally would with natural teeth. Daily hygiene protects your teeth and veneers from dental problems. In addition, cavities,bacterial diseases, and inflammation may reduce the duration of your dental veneers usage. Any non-abrasive fluoride dental toothpaste is acceptable, although your best option is antibacterialmouthwash. Good home care, like daily teeth brushing, can help veneers last longer.

Dental veneer might get discolored because of drinking coffee, tea or red wine. It is essential to brush teeth,use mouthwash, or chewing gum after drinking dark liquids. Patients who clench their jaw at night shoulduse a mouth guard to protect their teeth and the lower surface of their veneers from night grinding. What ismore, a night guard will minimize stress and tension located in the facial muscles, neck and shouldersmuscles. Night guards should be worn all night. For beginners, the mouth guard should be used during thedaytime while conducting home activities, as well.

Do not Chew Hard Objects

Even though porcelain or zirconium veneers are durable they are not quite as strong as regular teeth. Patients should not be extra careful not to chew on hard objects, such as pens, ice, fingernails, or any plasticobjects. What is more, raw food should be bitten and chewed with the back teeth.

Chewing and biting hard items may damage your veneers. In case of minor damage, veneers can often berepaired. However, more serious damage may require new veneer preparation. Dental veneers do not haveany warranty if they are damaged or destroyed.

Beware of Substances that May Cause Stains

Porcelain veneers are designed to be stain resistant, but the frequent use of coffee, wine, black tea may result in stains on the front surface of your veneers. In order to keep your smile bright and white, you should refrain from cigarettes, tea, coffee, wine, or any stain-causing meals. Teeth brushing and washing is recommended after each drink, or meal mentioned above.

Quit Smoking

Everyone already knows that smoking leaves hard, permanent and resistant stains. Usually smoking stains are hard to remove by teeth brushing, whitening or any other dental procedure. Quitting smoking is beneficial not only for your teeth but for your overall health. Smoking stains and discolorations on veneers cannot be removed, and veneers can not be whitened. After years of smoking, dentists always suggest installing new veneers and to stop smoking.

Consider Permanent Alternatives to Veneers

The biggest downside to veneers is that, no matter how well you take care of them, sooner or later they will need to be replaced. In addition, while veneers can often improve the quality of a smile, they cannot alwaysgive you perfectly straight looking teeth if you have moderate crowding or certain bite related issues.

If you’re looking for the best possible results and don’t want to deal with the hassle of replacing veneers downthe road, then you might wish to consider clear aligner treatment. This procedure has a reputation for beingvery expensive, but there are now much more affordable aligner treatment options that don’t even require anin-person visit to the dental office. For example, Straight Teeth Direct is a highly reviewed online aligner company that offers custom aligners delivered directly to your door, starting at 1,350 GBP – about a third thecost of braces/Invisalign.

Dental tourism in Poland

Dental veneers in Poland can be great alternative for braces treatment. With dental veneers, the dentist might provide patient with perfectly straight teeth within 5 working days. By comparison, treatment with braces can last up to 2 years, and represents a much more expensive procedure. For the patient who can not have veneers due to biting problems, Dental Travel Poland offers crowns and bridges. The main difference between crowns and veneer is the shape and structure. Veneers cover only the front surface of teeth, while crowns cover all surfaces, front and back and sides.

Feel free to contact us to receive more details regarding your treatment. Our best specialists will advise you which treatment will suit your needs, expectations and budget, of course. Dental veneer prices start from 70 GBP forcomposite veneers. The price for zirconium or full porcelain veneers starts from 270 GBP. Email or call us to receive final quotation for your dental treatment in Poland

Is All on 4 Good For Everyone?

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girl smiling during all on 4 procedureAll on 4 treatment, also called an implant supported denture, is a safe dental technique of a full jaw restoration. All on 4 in Poland is an alternative to regular dentures and can restore full set of upper or lower teeth. Commonly, 4 implants are installed in the jawbone as a base for the denture – crowns on the implants.
The main advantage of the cheap all on 4 abroad is that it is a permanent system, which makes the most of the patient’s bone available. Hence, in most cases, there is no need for bone grafting before the procedure.
Safe all on 4 procedure requires 2 trips to Poland. During the first one – the implants are installed and temporary denture provided. After that, the bone needs to heal properly and the implants need to anchor themselves, so from 3 up to 6 months of all on 4 recovery time is needed. A temporary denture is normally attached to the abutments and can be used throughout the healing time. During the second trip, the permanent crowns (denture) are installed on the implants.

Is All On 4 For Everyone?

All on 4 is not for everyone. There are many factors, which have to be taken into consideration while assessing a patient for the all on 4 treatment. Those factors are of a wide range, and include clinical, anatomical and biomechanical aspects. All of them need to be examined carefully by the specialist implantologist. Of course, it is the job of the dentist and his team to establish if in a particular case the all on 4 treatment will be safe, but also a lot is in the patient’s hands, as they need to provide their doctor with a detailed information about their condition and ask questions.
By doing so, patients, as well as dentists, will be sure that the cooperation is smooth and will enjoy the process and the best all on 4 results.

Am I a good candidate for an All-on-4?

All on 4 is one of the best options available for edentulous patients. The all on 4 success rate and all on 4 results depends on each case individually, and as stated above, there are various factors, which need to be adequately diagnosed before the all on 4 treatment is recommended.

In general, we can say that most patients are good candidates for all on 4, however, there are some conditions, which need to be taken into account, as not every single person is a perfect candidate for all on 4. For example, in many cases, it is recommended to install 6 or 8 implants instead of 4.

Medical condition

Before moving won with the all on 4 surgery, it is usually recommended to check the overall health and medical condition. There are certain diseases, which can affect the all on 4 results and potentially lead to all on 4 implant failure. For instance, the teeth loss may be caused by undiagnosed diabetes, and you should be aware that non-treated diabetes can pose a risk to the all on 4 success rate.

Smoking and other habits

You should know, that in case you are a heavy smoker the risk of the all on 4 failure is higher. Smoking is not a strict contraindication for the implantation, however, you may need more than 4 implants to serve as a base for your denture.

Amount of jawbone remaining

The amount of the bone in the jaw is checked with the use of CBCT scan, which will be performed during the initial consultation. If it turns out that you do not have enough bone to properly anchor the implants, you can still be a good candidate for the all on 4. You will only need to have a bone graft performed first.


All On 4 Risks

When it comes to the all on 4 risks, the most concerning one is the implant failure. It may happen that at least one of the implants does not take the hold, whether due to its misplacement or due to the fact, that the bone did not heal properly. Another thing is, that recent studies show, that alcohol and nicotine intake, during the first weeks after the implantation can increase the risk of all on 4 failure. Both nicotine and alcohol pose a threat to the healing process. Luckily, even if it sounds troubling, the implant failure has no huge consequences. The implantation process is quite simple, so your dentist can replace the implant with ease, during one appointment.
At Dental Travel Poland we make sure to work only with the best of the best and take every precaution to make your implants and all on 4 last. Our specialists use the best materials and equipment to ensure that your all on 4 is cost effective and durable.

all on 4What if All On 4 Fails?

We can safely say, that the majority of implants are highly successful, with the proper diagnosis, careful planning, skilled dentist, use of good materials and appropriate dental care. Actually, recent studies show that the all on 4 success rate is over 95%.

Nevertheless, there is still a small chance that the implants may fail. Besides the surgical breakdown, most commonly implants fail due to the overload. It simply means, that after the crown, bridge or denture placement on the implant, there is too much pressure put on it. In such cases, the single implant works very hard while biting, chewing or grinding.

In cases when the implant is a part of a bridge or denture, its’ main job is to support and carry the pressure, which normally would be carried by the natural teeth roots. When the load is excessive, patients experience bone loss in the jaw, which leads to the implant failure.

The dispensation of these pressure forces is the most important aspect of the implants success rate. two main considerations have to be taken into account while deciding if cheap all on 4 abroad is a proper choice. The more teeth are replaced with implants, the bigger stress and pressure is placed on the implants and the surrounding bone. In case the opposite dentition is too strong, the implant will be a subject to extreme forces. All in all, the bigger the pressure, the more implants are needed to distribute the load evenly.

In the all on 4 abroad solutions, there are only 4 implants installed to support the whole arch of your new teeth. If the forces are low, the bone is healthy and full, and the implants are installed properly, with a good size and angle, the all on 4 is very successful and will last you a lifetime. However, even if only one of the implants fails, some problems may occur, as the denture would have to be removed and additional implants placed. Then, the new restoration would have to be installed, and that is time-consuming, as well as costly. You should visit a good specialist, to ensure that you all on 4 results will be durable.

If you would like to get more information and check whether you are a good candidate for the safe all on 4 in Poland, feel free to contact our Team! We are ready to help you book the cheap all on 4 treatment abroad!

How to Avoid Dental Implants Infections

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woman smiling after dental implants procedureDental implants are permanent jaw restoration, they look and function like natural teeth. As implant function like normal teeth, they might be infected, as well. The gum area and the bone structure around implant might be easily diseased. Any infection or inflammation around implants is widely known as peri-implantitis. Each patient must be aware that any implant without proper oral care might fall out. The problem is that implant with the crown on the implant, which felt out cannot be inserted one more time, so the patient will have to pay for implant and crown on implant one more time. But do not worry, there are some tips to avoid dental implant failure and its infection.

Causes of dental implant infection

Here you may checklist of the most frequent causes of dental infection and dental implants risks. The Dental Implants Infection Rate is 98%, but still some infections happens. Here you may check listy why Dental Implant Get Infected:
Poor sterilization – the poor sterilization means that any tool any surgical instrument might be infected with bacterial which very often ends with if the peri-implantitis.

  • Dental implant contamination – dental implants are always packed in the sterile box, but implants might be easily contaminated during the procedure, very often ends with if the peri-implantitis or bone might reject implant very fast.
  • Poor material quality – low-quality implants may leave holes between the fixture and the bone that could attract bacteria and get infected, which ends with implant failure
  • Improper implant placement – well-inserted implant do not leave gaps between fixture, badly installed implant may have some gaps between fixture and bone which attracts bacteria
  • Restoration problems – most often dentist installs permanent crown on unhealed implant which leads to infection around implant
  • Poor oral hygiene – each patient with implant installed is obliged to teeth cleaning as a daily routine. What is more, patients should use floss and mouthwash to eliminate bacteria from areas where the toothbrush can not reach. Patients should follow up yearly teeth check-up, as well. Bacteries can infect the implant from the surrounding teeth so it is very crucial to keep all teeth healthy.In case of any dental implant signs of infection, patient should immediately visit the dental office.

Infection after the dental implants procedure

Infection after the cheap dental implant Poland procedure is quite often. It is simple to overcome and heal. Infection is caused by some materials left after tooth extraction. The infection may happen within 2 weeks after implantation. The first sign of infection is the color of gums, infected gum is puffy and very red. What is more gum area reacts to temperature changes, so drinking coffee, eating ice creams might be painful or may lead to discomfort.

The infection may happen also in the case, that patient touch implanted area with fingers, especially with dirty fingers. The touching implanted area is forbidden!

Any type of dental implant infection usually settles quickly with a short course of antibiotic, but the patient must react quickly. Between first symptoms of infection and dental visit should not be more than one week/ 7 days as infection affects healing progress which is extremely important with dental implant procedure.

Read more about dental implants procedure

Infection during healing phase

Healing period included the first 4 to 8 weeks after the dental implant installation. The very first symptom of infection that is pain around the important area. Patients report that they suffer from gum pain, tongue pain, even cheek pain around the area where the implant was installed. It is very important to understand that infection around the implant can be reduced with strong antibiotics, but the bone around implant will not heal again. The implant must be extracted. That is all because the layer of bone right next to the implant surface has died, and does not have a blood supply. The situation should be immediately consulted with the dentist, as bone infection left with no medical care can lead to a very serious bone infection called osteomyelitis.
How Are Dental Implants Infections Detected And Treated?

The first sign of infection after healing time is bleeding, I do not mean some bleeding once a week or even rarer. Everyday bleeding may be first signs of infection. Any gum changes cannot be ignored. Any pain around implant area, while chewing, drinking hot or cold drinks might be alerted. What is more, the patient may struggle with bad breath, some swellings, or affected taste. Any of these symptoms should not be ignored.

Regular dental check-up minimalizes the dental implant infections. Any suspicious change should be discussed with your dentist who will advise you proper action. The treatment of implantation includes antibiotics treatment, hygiene clean, antibacterial mouthwash, or any other treatment needed for a personal issue. In case the peri-implantitis is more advanced, your dentist might consider a surgical procedure to gain better access for cleaning. Each patient must remember that not treatment infection is the danger for life an healthy.

The earlier the detection of mucositis or the peri-implantitis, the fastest and more successful treatment is.

How to prevent dental implants infections

Follow dentist instructions. Each dentist will provide you with details what to do, and what to avoid after implantation. In the first 24 hours after implantation avoids hot drinks, avoid smoking and eating tough meals. Any seeds like sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, or nuts are not recommended to eat. What is more, you can not touch implanted area, you should not touch it with tongue, toothbrush or any other tool which may contain bacteria. Learn more about possible risks and how to avoid them. Patients with previous gum disease, heavy smokers, and diabetes are in risk and complications group. Monitor your overall health, any suspicious signs should be immediately discussed with the dentist.

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Should I repair a broken crown myself?

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girl with broken dental crownThe perfect scenario would be that people never experience any dental issues. Even in a just a little less than perfect scenario, any problems that do occur could be repaired and just simply ignored. Sadly, the reality is not a perfect scenario and so dental issues can appear at any given time. It is unfortunately common that root canal treatments are needed, teeth crack or break, tooth decay occurs, dental implants fail, bridges break, temporary crowns fall out or permanent crowns abroad break. Safe dental crowns in Poland are a type of prosthetic dentistry. They are caps, which are attached over the teeth, to serve esthetic purposes or in order to protect them or to restore their shape and size after other dental work performed.

Is dental crown solid?

Dental crowns abroad are divided into two types: permanent and temporary ones. They can be made of different materials, such as composite, full porcelain or even gold. All of them are a great and durable solution to restore the damaged teeth, strengthen them and make your smile beautiful again. Teeth crowns abroad can perfectly cover any destructions or weaknesses, which have occurred due to the lack of proper dental care or due to the correction of other teeth issues.

Dental crowns in Poland are also commonly used to coat any discoloration, cover a cheap dental implant or to restore broken teeth. Crowns abroad are very safe and long-lasting, they are a very effective way to cure many dental problems, however, just like any man-made solution, they are not completely damage-proof, so it can happen that they can break or fall out. Every person who has had it happen knows that feeling – painful, harsh and ragged effect produced by the missing or broken dental crown. In such cases, the repairing of the crown is needed as quickly as possible, however as crowns can get damaged at any time, a prompt repair is not always possible.

What causes damaged dental crown?

Just as your natural teeth, crowns made in Poland are extremely strong and highly resistant to any damage, but not insurmountable. It can happen that you have bitten down on something too hard, like a nut, ice cube or an unpopped popcorn kernel, and your crown could not take that sudden pressure. Also clenching your teeth or grinding them adds the pressure put on the crown, which can lead to it’s cracking or breaking.
Another simple cause of a broken crown can be just its age. With a proper dental care, the crown abroad should last up to 15 years. However, if your teeth crowns are getting old, the may start to wear off. Everyday use of the teeth may lead to an initial small crack, which expands over time when it finally comes to a point that you notice it. That small crack can become a large gap and even make the crown snap off entirely.
Dental crowns in Poland are made to be very durable and long-lasting solution, sometimes serving their purpose perfectly for the rest of your life. Although, the average crown longevity is between 5 to 15 years. As people get older, the crowns get older, and so they can become weaker, ending up with a chipped crown or a broken one.
The final cause of any dental crowns problems can be the material being used to produce it. Every material has its own advantages and many people decide on composite crowns in Poland, as they are very cheap, but in fact not that strong. The most secure option is to go for the porcelain or porcelain fused to metal crowns, which can give you a natural look and good resistance to any damage.

Can I repair dental crowns by myself?

In a case when your dental crown abroad chips or breaks, it is quite understandable that you may have an urge to try to repair it by yourself, reasoning it to save money and time. Internet research may give you lots of “do it yourself” solutions, such as using Super Glue. However, those kind of actions are not only ineffective but most importantly very dangerous to your oral health. Super Glue is bonding very well to nonporous surfaces. Unfortunately, the natural tooth is a highly porous exterior. It means that it would be very hard to glue the crown to the tooth. Your crown may adhere and stay in place for a short time, but for sure it will soon fall off again. Additionally, the chemicals used in the Super Glue may leak through and kill the inside of your tooth, which may cause bigger problems. The tooth will require the root canal treatment, but in the end, you may even lose your tooth anyway. Also, it is quite easy to accidentally put the Super Glue on your gums or lips, which will make them stuck together.

In case of a broken crown or any other issue related to it, you should visit your dentist. The crucial factor when it comes to keeping the crown in the right place is shaping and fitting. For this reason, professional dentists are using cement, not glue.

Dentistdentist who repairs broken crowns

Dental Crown Repaired by Dentist

Repairing a dental crown is highly dependant on the size and the gravity of the damage. It is very common that in most cases, your dentist can just smooth out and reshape the dental crown in Poland. The doctor can smooth out the crown surface or apply some amount of resin. However, if the break or crack is more severe, the specialist can advise you to remove the failing crown and replace it with a new one. Our Team is ready to help you make that procedure affordable and keep the cost of the crown as low as possible.

In general, a chipped dental crown is not an emergency, unless it’s edge is cutting into the mouth causing much of a discomfort. Our dentists do our best to help our patients in need, so we will do everything to schedule an appointment for you as quickly as possible.

If you have had an unfortunate accident with a broken crown or have any more questions about repairing crowns – feel free to contact our Patient Advisors! They are always here, ready to help you!

Removable vs. Permanent Teeth on Implants

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two people with permanent dental implants smilingEach dentist will say that the best patient is well-educated patient. Before coming to the dentist office, before sitting in a dental chair it is best to know all options, know own needs expectations regarding dental treatment results. Sometimes one hour of a dental visit is not enough to understand the dental solution, that is also very little time to take the decision, find out pros and cons of suggested dental treatment. Patients who require full jaw replacement, sometimes do not have the idea that full jaw replacement might be performed with removable and nonremovable dental treatment. Below you will find more details regarding permanent teeth on the implant and removable dental prosthetic based on implants.

Permanent Implants

Permanent dental implants are most frequently performed treatment Poland. Procedure basis on the surgical installment of titanium dental implants.

Nonremoval dental treatment includes:

  • all on 4 treatment
  • all on 6 procedure
  • all on 8 treatment
  • permanent bridge on porcelain fused to metal crowns/ full porcelain crowns/ zirconia crowns


Each procedure has the same scheme regarding implant installation. For a first visit, doctor installs four, six, or eight implants with healing rings. The temporary bridge or temporary denture is performed. In case of the patient has some remaining teeth, extraction is performed before implantation. Each procedure requires titanium implants with the lifetime warranty. Dental restoration material and quantity of implants put.

Removable Implants

Removal dental implant solutions are more affordable than permanent implant treatment. That is why many patients decide to perform them. Removable, non-permanent treatment include overdentures or click on dentures. For both treatments, the dentist will install from 2 to 4 titanium, biocompatible cheap dental implants with the lifetime warranty, as well. Best cheap dental implants are installed to support overdenture. Overdenture is settled on the implant. That is why it does not move while smiling while eating. Removable overdenture Poland is more comfortable than standard acrylic/ plastic/metal dentures which are easy to slip out of jaw. Patients with removable overdenture are more confident while everyday activities, more relaxed while relatives or friends meeting, in the restaurant especially.

Factors determining the choice

Most of the patients know that they want new arch of teeth, but do not have specific expectations. It is always very good to have the budget prepared, the patient should know how much may spend on removable implants or permanent dental implant in Poland. What, is more patient should be aware that removable teeth on implants require some special care. Teeth, I mean overdenture should be taken out every night and cleaned carefully. Nowadays on market, there are many special kinds of toothpaste designed for overdentures. Normal toothpaste may scratch and grind teeth surface. Patients with the permanent implant, should treat and take care of teeth the same as they do with natural teeth. So it is necessary to clean teeth twice a day, floss teeth and flush mouth with antibacterial mouthwash. Permanent dental implant recovery is similar to removal dental implant recovery, both last about one week.

Longevity of the teeth

When it comes to teeth longevity we need to know the difference between dental implant longevity and tooth restoration (porcelain fused to metal crowns / full porcelain crowns/ zirconia crowns/ acrylic overdenture/ composite overdenture)

Dental implant well healed and installed is said to be the lifetime. Of course, patient should be good oral health. It is very rare for the implant to fall out. Implantation success rate is equal 98,8%.

Longevity of dental prosthetic restoration (teeth):

  • acrylic overdenture will last at least 7 years
  • composite overdenture is said to last 5 years
  • porcelain fused to the metal crown will last 15 years, but after some time crowns may become chipped and worn with shades of inside’s metal
  • full porcelain crown should remain 15 years
  • zirconia crowns, which are the most aesthetic, natural crowns will look fantastic from 16 to 20 years

Maintenance and Repair

Regarding maintenance, each patient with implant injected should attend yearly check-up visits at implantologist. Follow up visits help to exclude inflations, bacterial diseases, gum treatment which may occur around the dental implant. Any disease around the implant may lead to damage to the bone structure, which leads to implant removal. Repairs are simpler with non-removable dental solutions, as overdenture might be easily taken out and corrected or fitted by the dental specialist. Any corrections for permanent dental prosthesis require removal whole 14 unit teeth bridge, which is more complicated.

Number of missing teeth

Permanent dental implants may be installed only for the toothless patient. All teeth should be extracted before permanent dental implant procedure Poland. Extraction might be performed 3 months before planned implant installation date, or dentist may extract the tooth and install implant the same time (it is called immediate implantation). With removable teeth on the implant, the patient should also extract all teeth from the jaw. There is an option to have partial overdentures, in some cases, when patient teeth are really healthy dentist might suggest partial overdenture based on the implant. Both solutions typically are designed for the full arch of teeth which may cover 12 teeth or 14 teeth, the quantity of teeth depends on patient needs or implantologist suggestions.

soft bone tissue

Soft Tissue and Bone Support

In both, removable and permanent full jaw replacement, the patient needs strong bone support. In case of the patient has bone loss, bone graft injections or sinus lift might be needed to continue dental implantation. Bone loss is often for patients who have been toothless very long time, bone loss has also individual and genetic reasons. But I have good news, bone graft/sinus lift might be combined with dental implant installation. So there would be no additional visits in Poland.

Cost of Removable and Permanent Implants

The cost of removable dental implants starts from 1999 GBP. Price includes treatment (2 implants, 2 healing rings, 2 abutments and overdenture), examinations, CT scan, local anesthetic, and stitches, as well. The cost of the permanent implant depends on the material of dental prosthetic, the most affordable is porcelain fused to metal crows. The price for all on 4 starts from 4999 GBP, it includes 4 implants, 4 healing rings, 4 abutments, 14 unit porcelain fused to the metal bridge on implants, and all consultation and examinations needed. To receive other mixed prices is best to contact us directly.

Dental tourism in Poland

Hope this article makes you more confident about your needs. If you still have questions regarding dental treatment or staying in Poland that is the best to call us or email us. Each patient is different, that is why there is no one universal answer what would be the best for you. Our consultant might advise you dental treatment based on your expectations or basis of your budget. The dentist might suggest your treatment based on your bone structure and general oral conditions. Feel free to contact us we would love to help you with any dental procedure in Poland.

Dental Implants Poland – Prosthetic options

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dental implants PolandImplantology is nothing else but a surgical base for prosthetics. There are many cheap prosthetic options after having cheap dental implants in Poland. The choice depends on many factors, including your lifestyle, general health, age or finances. Many patients see the prosthetics as the priority to make their teeth beautiful, but some of them just want to eat without discomfort or any pain. But most importantly, the choice depends on the state of your teeth and whether you miss only one tooth, a couple of them or you need a full jaw restoration. Hence, there are various possibilities to restore your jaw.

Dental Crowns Poland

Cheap dental implants are basically replacing the tooth’s root. They are anchored in the jawbone. The dental crown has to be attached to the implant and serves as the actual tooth replacement. The use of cheap dental crowns, which are supported by the implant is a well known and widely popular approach to compensate a missing tooth. The crown can be attached to the cheap implant in two different ways. It can either be screw-retained or cemented to the implant. Both of the ways have their advantages, so the choice is simply left to your specialist’s preference and what he feels like doing best for the patient. Dental crowns on implants in Poland are usually made of porcelain, which is a very durable and resistant material.

Dental Bridges Poland

If you are missing multiple teeth in a row, dental bridges supported by implants are the best solution. An implant-based bridge is similar to regular bridge, however, it is supported by an implant, not natural teeth. Simply put, a bridge is a couple of crowns attached to each other and supported by implants. A cheap dental bridge can be also used when a concern that you might put too much pressure on individual implants occurs. It can happen when you clench or grind your teeth. As a result, it may lead to the bone loss and loosen a single implant. An implant-supported bridge is a great way to minimize the pressure on the individual implants and spreads it equally across the bridge. Your specialist will carefully determine where to put the cheap implant and then the bridge will be put on top.

Implant Supported Denture

This option is designed for patients who are completely toothless or who, for various reasons, have to extract all of their teeth. Fixed dentures placed on the implants have the longest longevity and do not require replacement. So the good news is – they will last you a lifetime. There are various options for the whole implant-supported dentures and overdentures, such as a click-on denture on 2 implants or the most well-known all-on-4 procedure. We should put our focus on the all-on-4 solution, as it is the most popular and durable option. There are many advantages of the cheap all-on-4 abroad, it looks the most natural, it is a fixed restoration, so there are no problems with food entrapment, it is affordable in Poland, but most importantly – you treat it like normal teeth. Once all of the crowns are placed on the implants, you will have them attached for the rest of your life. Read more about implants here

As you can see, there are various options for prosthetic options after cheap implants are performed abroad. If you are not sure what you need or have any more questions – feel free to get in touch with our patient advisors and book your visit today! 

All on 4 abroad – Pros and Cons

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All on 4 abroad is one of the most frequently chosen dental treatment for toothless (edentulous) or partially toothless patients. All on 4 abroad procedure is quite simple, affordable and provides permanent results. With all on 4, we may restore both upper and lower jaw with good results. All-on-4 abroad is special procedure because it provides patients with a new set of teeth based (installed) on only 4 implants. In comparison to standard jaw restoration procedures, where the patient is provided with 6 or even 8 implants, all on 4 seems to be very cheap and affordable.

Advantages of all on 4 procedure abroad

Many patients chose all on 4 procedure abroad to receive confidence and comfort of life. Cheap all on 4 becomes more and more popular as it provides the full set of new, beautiful teeth, the entire mouth is restored within one dental procedure. What is more, all on 4 might be the immediate procedure, in some cases, all on 4 can be completed within 48 hours! We also believe, that the greatest benefit is the price of cheap all on 4, the price for full set of new teeth which contains 12 teeth can cost only 5200 GBP which is 25000 PLN.

To sum up:

  • affordable price
  • express procedure
  • only one dental treatment
  • no bone graft, sinus lift needed
  • lower cost than standard full jaw restoration procedure
  • restoration of the full arch of teeth

Disadvantages of all on 4 dental implants abroad

All on 4 abroad requires installment of 4 dental implants. The procedure is not recommended for patients with the huge bone loss. What is more, dental treatment would not be recommended for patients who have tried dental implants, and implants were injected, did not heal properly. Any patient with healing problems might have difficulty to complete all on 4 abroad. Diabetics are at higher risk also, due to different levels of sugar in the blood. For patients, who decide to perform express all on 4, might have problems with teeth fitting and testing if they feel okay. Dental implants with  All-on-4 Poland cannot be placed in the molar areas of the mouth where bite force is greatest.

All on 4 abroad is in high demand. We offer excellent treatment combined with affordable prices. Procedures are performed by experienced implantologist. We may offer several destinations to perform cheap all on 4, like Warsaw, Krakow, Gdansk, Szczecin, Wroclaw, Lodz, Katowice, Prague, Kiev, or Budapest. Dental Travel Poland offers also all-inclusive packages for foreign patients to make their trip as easy and comfortable as possible. Feel free to order a phone conversation to discuss your cheap all on 4. Ask our consultant for most affordable prices which start from 5200 GBP for whole all on 4 treatment.

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