All-on-6 dental implants vs overdenture

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All on six implant technique is an innovative dental treatment. All on six is non-removable, permanent type of full jaw restoration. It is an excellent solution for toothless patients, or for those who suffer from wearing dentures. The procedure is recommended for patients with significant decay and for people with bone loss, what prevents them from getting conventionally oriented dental implants (traditional/ standard implants).

What in all-on-6 dental implants Poland?

All on six includes 6 implants, based on lower or upper jaw, and full arch of acrylic or composite teeth that cover 14 or 12 missing teeth. The All-On-6 protocol is for at least 6 implants that must be placed in a jaw. In some cases, 8 implants are recommended to install (all-on-8). The back implants are typically angled approximately 30 to 45 degree from the biting plane. In the upper jaw, the implants are placed in front of the maxillary sinus and in the lower jaw in front of the mental nerve.  All on 6 is extremely safe, as there is no way the implant can damage your nerve. 6 implants support a denture or bridge with approximately 12th or 14th teeth. For all-on-6 procedure, dentists use Nobel Biocare implants, Straumann or any other premium quality implant, with a lifetime warranty.

Some advantages of all-on-6 teeth implants Poland:

  • Usually, bone graft procedure is not needed
  • Spreading fewer dental implants towards the back with purposeful angulation
  • Dental implants can possibly be placed the day when extraction is done
  • Reduced cost
  • Reduced implants quantity to install full arch of teeth
  • Reduced treatment time

What is overdenture Poland?

Overdenture Poland is an acrylic denture based on 2 or 4 implants. Overdenture is permanent, but removable solution which covers 12 teeth, full arch. Treatment provides extra stability for dentures due to implants system that holds the denture in its place and can be removed with the click. Overdentures might be installed both in upper or lower jaw.  In our offer, we have partial and full overdentures. So in case you still have your natural teeth, you do not need to extract them. In comparison to all on 6, overdentures should be taken out for a night and cleaned. On the other hand, overdentures are 50% cheaper than all on six.

What are the benefits of overdenture Poland?

  • Simplicity of construction
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Stability due to retained roots or implants
  • No more lisps and gasps
  • Excellent patient acceptance
  • Easy to clean
  • Overdenture lasts even 20 years

All on six and overdenture comparison

All on 6Overdenture
Systemnon removableremovable
Implant quantitysixtwo - four
acrylic / porcelaincomposite / acrylic
Longevitylife time20 years
Bone graftnot neededmight be needed
Price in Poland5500 GBP1800 GBP
Price in the UK8900 GBP4000 GBP


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