All-on-4 Poland VS traditional denture

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dental implantsWhen missing a significant number of teeth you are usually looking for the best option of jaw restoration. There are a lot of different solutions you may choose from. They differ in terms of price, durability, materials used to produce it or simply comfort of eating and speaking after the proceedings. If you want to be fully satisfied with the results of your treatment, covering all the factors mentioned, you should consider all-on-4 in Poland.

Difference between all on 4 Poland and traditional denture

Many people do not actually realize what is the difference between traditional denture, that probably comes to mind straight away while thinking about full jaw restoration, and all-on-4 procedure. While traditional denture rests on gums and can be removed by the patient, all-on-4 is rather stable because of being implant supported. It is screw-retained what provides permanent attachment to the jawbone and long-lasting effect. It can be removed, but only by the doctor. What is more, all-on-4 has significantly reduced area of artificial tissue, comparing to the denture, what results in more effective taste sensation by the patient. Materials used to fabricate all-on-4 denture are generally stronger as well. It gives the ability to obtain the most natural outcome in terms of mimics, speaking and swallowing. All-on-4, unlike conventional denture, is not – vertically orientated what means it can be successfully used in the case of an extensive teeth loss or significant decay.

All on 4 abroad and traditional denture price comparison

Benefits of all on 4 Poland

  • permanent result
  • extractions and implants can be done during one session
  • gives the ability to eat, speak and swallow easily
  • the treatment can be applied also when significant loss or decay occurs

Benefits of traditional denture

  • economic benefit – traditional denture is over 50% cheaper comparing to all-on-4
  • easier cleaning as the denture is removable
  • can last up to 20 years
  • very high patient acceptance

Both traditional denture and all-on-4 procedure have a low incidence of complications and guarantee satisfactory results. The type of treatment is generally patients decision and depends on changes in the bone.

If you are still wondering what kind of full jaw restoration procedure would meet your expectations in the best way, do not hesitate to contact us. Dental Travel Poland is the best choice. We will explain both procedures in details and propose you the most appropriate way of treatment.


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