All on 4 abroad – Pros and Cons

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All on 4 abroad is one of the most frequently chosen dental treatment for toothless (edentulous) or partially toothless patients. All on 4 abroad procedure is quite simple, affordable and provides permanent results. With all on 4, we may restore both upper and lower jaw with good results. All-on-4 abroad is special procedure because it provides patients with a new set of teeth based (installed) on only 4 implants. In comparison to standard jaw restoration procedures, where the patient is provided with 6 or even 8 implants, all on 4 seems to be very cheap and affordable.

Advantages of all on 4 procedure abroad

Many patients chose all on 4 procedure abroad to receive confidence and comfort of life. Cheap all on 4 becomes more and more popular as it provides the full set of new, beautiful teeth, the entire mouth is restored within one dental procedure. What is more, all on 4 might be the immediate procedure, in some cases, all on 4 can be completed within 48 hours! We also believe, that the greatest benefit is the price of cheap all on 4, the price for full set of new teeth which contains 12 teeth can cost only 5200 GBP which is 25000 PLN.

To sum up:

  • affordable price
  • express procedure
  • only one dental treatment
  • no bone graft, sinus lift needed
  • lower cost than standard full jaw restoration procedure
  • restoration of the full arch of teeth

Disadvantages of all on 4 dental implants abroad

All on 4 abroad requires installment of 4 dental implants. The procedure is not recommended for patients with the huge bone loss. What is more, dental treatment would not be recommended for patients who have tried dental implants, and implants were injected, did not heal properly. Any patient with healing problems might have difficulty to complete all on 4 abroad. Diabetics are at higher risk also, due to different levels of sugar in the blood. For patients, who decide to perform express all on 4, might have problems with teeth fitting and testing if they feel okay. Dental implants with  All-on-4 Poland cannot be placed in the molar areas of the mouth where bite force is greatest.

All on 4 abroad is in high demand. We offer excellent treatment combined with affordable prices. Procedures are performed by experienced implantologist. We may offer several destinations to perform cheap all on 4, like Warsaw, Krakow, Gdansk, Szczecin, Wroclaw, Lodz, Katowice, Prague, Kiev, or Budapest. Dental Travel Poland offers also all-inclusive packages for foreign patients to make their trip as easy and comfortable as possible. Feel free to order a phone conversation to discuss your cheap all on 4. Ask our consultant for most affordable prices which start from 5200 GBP for whole all on 4 treatment.


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