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If you are missing a significant number of teeth you are probably looking for some permanent solution to get rid of the problem. Since dentures are removable they can create a lot of discomfort. If you are looking for a long-lasting solution, without the necessity of taking the denture off your mouth every day, you should definitely consider all on 4 in Poland.

All on 4 Poland provides permanent results

All on 4 abroad is a solution for most demanding patients who want to have a full set of teeth, while obtaining very natural effect at the same time. Since all on 4 is a combination of implants and a bridge, it is permanently attached to your jawbone. Once you have it done, you can enjoy it forever without any type of discomfort. The treatment is divided only into 2 stages, one of them is the implantation (after which you will receive a temporary denture) and the second one is fitting and installing the permanent bridge. After the second visit you are walking our of the dentist’s office with a new smile, which will last you a lifetime!

All on 4 Poland is affordable

We know that full jaw restoration, especially in West European countries is extremely expensive. That is why we have been offering our services to customers from abroad for years. Dental treatment in Poland is widely known as very professional and up-to-date on one hand but also very affordable on the other. Polish dentists are well known for their professionalism and high level of education, however the worldwide economic situation makes them extremely affordable for people who travel from countries such as the United Kingdom, Germany or USA. The prices for dental implants, as well as the prosthetic work, can be even 75% lower in Poland, in comparison to the Western European countries and overseas. Additionally, in comparison to traditional, single dental implants, the all on four procedure in Poland is the least expensive, as it reduces the number of consultations, dental visits, surgeries and time, therefore producing less costs overall.

All on four abroad prevents bone loss

When a patient suffers a significant teeth loss it is very common that he or she may also lose the jawbone slowly, since it has no elements to carry. Due to that fact, your dentist can recommend to you the all on four. Unlike the traditional denture, it can help you save the jawbone and maintain the natural shape of your face. Four implants effectively act as an artificial tooth root, anchoring the prosthesis to the jaw. The implants pose a kind of “pressure” on the bone, which makes it work and does not allow it to collapse. That is why, your cheap all on 4 in Poland can prevent bone loss.

All on four abroad improves your appearance

All on four is a perfect solution not only for practical reasons but also for aesthetical ones. Not only undergoing the all on four procedure in Poland will leave you with a beautiful and brand new smile. It can help you to achieve beautiful, natural smile and will also stop the jawbone from disappearing. It is a good way to keep your face in youthful, natural shape. As mentioned above, the all on four procedure helps preserve the jawbone, which also prevents the face and mouth from collapsing. Installing dental implants, has also proven to decrease wrinkles caused by missing bone and teeth. Of course, the less winkles you have, the younger you look!

All on 4 in Poland is the best solution for the most demanding patients. It is the highest state of the art procedure that helps to reduce negative consequences of teeth loss. If you would like to undertake the treatment in Poland or simply get to know more details about it – you can always contact us. One of our consultants will help you to organize the treatment and will describe the whole procedure in details. Do not hesitate and get in touch with us! We are looking forward to hearing from you!


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