Why all on 4 dental implants abroad are growing in popularity?

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All on 4 Poland is becoming the leading dental treatment of full jaw restoration. Thanks to cheap all on 4 abroad you can restore all your teeth. Such a solution is permanent, non-removable, and naturally-looking. At present, there is no better way to restore your teeth than all on 4 in Poland. Thanks to it, you will enjoy your new teeth and new smile for the rest of your life!

What is all on 4 dental implants?

All on 4 in Poland is a dental procedure which, with the use of advanced technology, allows for a restoration of the entire arches. It consists of 4 implants made of titanium and a bridge consisting of full-porcelain crowns. The implants replace teeth roots and are a base on which the bridge is placed. The treatment is divided into 2 stages. The first visit lasts about 3 working days. During that time, the implantologist installs the implants and temporary bridges. Then, there is a healing process lasting 3-6 months. During that time, the implants and your gums integrate with each other and heal. After the healing period, you come back for the 2nd visit to have permanent bridges placed on implants. After the permanent crowns are placed, you can enjoy your brand new teeth and eat and drink as usual.

Benefits of having all on 4 abroad:

All on 4 abroad provides permanent results

Once you have all on 4 treatment, you can enjoy your new teeth for the rest of your life. Your all on 4 is permanent and as long as you take a proper care of your new teeth, the effects will last. You do not need to do anything special with your teeth. It will be enough to brush and floss them regularly, reduce the amount of coffee or wine and limit the hard food, so as to minimize the risk of damaging your teeth.

Affordable prices of all on 4 in Poland

When you decide to have your all on 4 in Poland, you will see how much you can save! Our dental offices offer one of the most affordable prices for all on 4 abroad, thanks to which you can save even 60% of your money. Also, after you send us your x-ray, you will be given a treatment plan with the exact price in advance, so there will not be any unexpected expenses.

All on 4 Poland allows you to eat what you want, when you want

You can eat normally after you finish your all on 4 in Poland. The dentist will give you suggestions what to eat or drink just for a several days or weeks. After that time, there is no limitation. But you need to remember to avoid hard food which can damage your teeth as well as coloring drinks which can discolor your teeth.

All on 4 Poland reduces or eliminates bone resorption

Bone resorption is a problem concerning adults and elderly people. It occurs after the tooth is lost. The bone after tooth losing or extraction is becoming less and less strong and dense, as a result of which the gums are receding and it becomes impossible for the bone to hold any teeth or dentures. Thanks to cheap to all-on 4 abroad, bone resorption problem can be significantly reduced or even eliminated.

All on 4 Poland has lower overall cost than conventional implant

Your all on 4 in Poland is a very cost-effective solution. The reason for that is the number of implants needed. You need only 4 implants on each jaw. These implants will hold a bridge made of 12 or 14 teeth. So you do not need to have an implant under each crown.

All on 4  Poland has shorter healing time

The healing time will last for about 3-6 months between your 1st and 2nd appointments at the dentist’s. During that time your bone tissue in the jaw bonds with the implants. After a few weeks or months, your jawbone will be strong enough and you can go back to your normal lifestyle and diet.

Dental tourism in Poland

Dental Travel Poland offers the most competitive and cheap prices for all on 4 abroad. If you need a jaw restoration, there is no better way to have all on 4 in Poland. We will present you a detailed treatment plan with all the prices in advance. Also, we offer all-inclusive packages, thanks to which you will save even more! Our all-inclusive package includes a hotel with breakfasts, pick up from the airport and all transfers between the clinic ad hotel. Contact us and we will help you organize your trip, treatment and find the best flight connections. Only with Dental Travel Poland will you have a cheap all on 4 abroad!


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