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dental implantsAll on 4 abroad is a very popular jaw-restoration procedure amongst patients from all over the world. If you are considering this type of dental treatment you should have a closer look at the concept of the cheap all on 4 abroad.

Who should consider having all on 4 procedure abroad?

The All on 4 treatment is an exceptional concept of jaw restoration. You should consider getting affordable all on 4 in Poland in two cases. First, if your teeth need to be extracted and you still want to enjoy a full and healthy smile. Second, if you no longer have your natural teeth and you do not want to live without them anymore. A good candidate for all on 4 treatment should have healthy gums and enough bone to install the implants in the jaw (however, the bone structure can be added by a bone graft procedure).

How is all on 4 abroad done?

The all on 4 concept, as the name suggests, requires installment of 4 implants for one jaw. The procedure provides a permanent, screw-retained, replacement for upper, lower or both jaws. All on 4 is nonremovable, permanent type of full jaw restoration.

The procedure abroad is typically divided into two stages. First one lasts about 2-3 days, during which our patients have the professional consultation with the implantologist, a check up of their teeth and a CT Scan. On the second visit, implants are installed and patients are provided with a temporary denture. After the implantation, there has to be a healing period, which lasts from 3 to 6 months. After that time patients return for the second stage. It lasts 5-7 days. It involves installment of prosthetics, which can be made acrylic, composite, full porcelain or zirconium, depending on your expectations and dentist recommendations.

Is all on 4 procedure abroad painful?

Usually, all on 4 procedure is not a painful dental treatment. It is commonly done under local anesthesia. Once the anesthesia takes effect, patients do not feel anything. The implantation may cause some types of discomfort, like swelling, small bruising or bleeding, however, if performed correctly it should not be painful.

How much is all on 4 procedure abroad?

All on 4 in Poland is very affordable and you should definitely consider traveling abroad to if you want to perform it. The price for all on 4 in Poland starts from 25000 PLN (which is around 5000 GBP) which makes the procedure extremely cheap and affordable for abroad patients. The price proposed in Poland is one of the best in the whole Europe.

Why go abroad for all on 4 dental implants procedure?

Getting your all on 4 treatment in Poland is definitely worth considering. First of all, all on 4 is much cheaper abroad. You can save up to 70%, in comparison with the prices in the UK or Germany. Secondly, we work only with the best of the best. Our clinics are well-known and top-rated. Our surgeons are professionals with many years of experience in implantation. They are also fluent in English, as they understand that communication is an extremely important factor when it comes to dental treatment. Thirdly, Poland is an amazing country with beautiful historical landmarks, pleasing nature, and a great cuisine. You should definitely travel to Poland and experience well-known Polish hospitality!

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact our patient advisors for more details regarding low-cost treatment in Poland and booking your cheap all on 4 abroad!


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