All on 4 abroad – Who is an ideal candidate?

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All on 4 abroadTop 5 Polish destinations dental implants perfomed is a permanent system used for all teeth replacement. It consists of 4 implants rooted in each jaw and bridges made of full porcelain crowns which are placed on implants. All on 4 in Poland is a great solution for people wanting to restore their teeth, but cannot afford it in their home countries. Thanks to the cheap all on 4 abroad, you will have your full jaw restoration and will have new, naturally-looking, comfortable and shining teeth for the rest of your life.

How old should I be to have all on 4 abroad?

In your cheap, all on 4 abroad the age is not a barrier. The most important factor is your teeth condition and overall health. All on 4 in Poland is for everyone struggling with teeth loss problem and looking for a permanent solution regardless of the age. Middle-aged or young people hardly ever face such a problem, hence the majority of patients coming for cheap all on 4 to Poland are elderly patients. It is also worth mentioning that even people in their nineties come for their cheap all on 4 to Poland! The qualification for this treatment is always individual and age is by no means a determining factor.

Can I have all on 4 abroad if I have teeth?

You do not need to wait for all your teeth to fall out in order to have all on 4 in Poland. Even if you have remaining teeth in a row or remaining separate teeth and you feel it is high time you started the treatment, you could have your all on 4 abroad. Your dentist will extract remaining teeth firstly, and immediately after the extraction, he will place the implants in your gums. If you want to have the remaining teeth extracted on a separate visit, it will be best to visit your dentist a few months earlier. It is recommended that the teeth are extracted not later than 3 months before implants are put because the gums need to heal after the extraction. The only exception is extracting teeth on the same visit as placing implants.

Can I have all on 4 in Poland if I have diabetes?

If you have a controlled diabetes, you can, by all means, have your cheap all on 4 in Poland. However, you need to be aware of the fact that you are at a greater risk of implant failure and the healing time might last longer than usual. Of course, it is not a rule and thanks to the advanced technology used in dental offices, such a risk is constantly decreasing. If you suffer from type 1 or type 2 diabetes, but are under a regular control of your doctor, you have nothing to worry about. Even if you are more prone to infections or extended healing time, the control visits at your GP and your dentist will help minimize all the risks and after the recovery process, you will enjoy your brand new teeth!

Can I have all on 4 in Poland on both jaws?

The fact whether you have your cheap all on 4 in Poland on 1 or 2 jaws depends on you and your dentist. If you have lost your teeth on both jaws, then, by all means, you will have all on 4 on two jaws. The implants are installed on two jaws during one visit, so the time of your treatment does not lengthen. If you, however, have some remaining teeth on lower or upper jaw, the decision is usually made by your dentist. He will check the condition of the remaining teeth firstly, and after that, he will make a decision whether it will be better for you to save the teeth and insert just a bridge or place single implants or extract the teeth and apply all on 4 solutions. You can be sure that your dentist in Poland will choose the best solution for your teeth and health regarding applying your cheap all on 4 abroad.

If I have implants can I have all on 4 abroad?

If you already have individual implants installed, only can the planetologist qualify you for the all on 4 abroad after performing and analyzing a CT scan of your teeth. Whether you can have your cheap all on 4 depends on where your implant was installed and which brand of the implant was used. Sometimes, the implant does not need to be removed, as it will match the all on 4 system, but other times the dentist will need to make a decision to remove the implant you have and insert a new one. If your implant is integrated with your gum and fits there perfectly, the implantologist may advise you against removing it and propose some other solution than all on 4 abroad. Nonetheless, if you have implants and consider having your cheap all on 4 in Poland instead, contact us and our implantologist will advise what will be the best for you!

Dental tourism in Poland

If you search for a full set of new teeth, which will be permanent, high-quality and naturally-looking, contact Dental Travel Poland and come for your cheap all on 4 abroad to Poland. We guarantee the highest standard of dental work as well as assistance in organizing your arrival and stay. We will help you find cheap flight tickets, clinic, and accommodation in multiple Polish cities. All on 4 in Poland will make your teeth and smile beautiful and natural, so do not hesitate and contact us to get one of the most affordable all on 4 treatments abroad!


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