What affects the final cost of All-on-4 abroad?

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All on 4 in Poland is one of the most frequently chosen dental treatments by the patients. All on 4 guarantees brand new, permanent and naturally-looking teeth which are life-lasting. The treatment itself is really expensive, being the best dental solution for damaged teeth available on the market, hence more and more people decide to have this treatment in Poland, as here all on 4 is cheap, yet high-quality and professionally performed. All on 4 consists of 4 implants on each jaw and bridges made of crowns. In Poland, you can get one of the cheapest prices for all on 4 abroad.

Brand of dental implant Poland

The clinics in Poland offer a wide range of implant brands. Regardless of the brand, implants are covered by guarantee period lasting at least 10 years. Even using brands of the highest, your all on 4 in Poland will still be cheap. You will be told which implant brands are available in your clinic in Poland and together with your dentist, you will choose the best one for you! In Poland, we offer popular brands which are used in the whole world, e.g. Alpha Bio Implant, Astra Tech, AB, Straummann, Nobel Bio Care or Zimmer. The prices for implants as well as guarantee period differ depending on the brand. You will be informed about everything by your dentist in advance.

Materials used during all on 4 Poland

Regarding crowns which are put on implants, we also offer a variety of materials. Similarly to implants, you will be informed about what choice you have and explained all the details by your dentist. The most popular crowns are porcelain. Nonetheless, you can choose also zirconium or gold crowns. Even if you decide to have the highest quality crowns, your all on 4 in Poland will still be much cheaper than in your country. Before the permanent crowns are placed, your dentist will install temporary bridge for the healing period, but these crowns also are made of a durable material and you do not need to worry that any of them breaks off or chip during that time.

Type of anesthesia or sedation used during all on 4 abroad

All-on-4 in Poland is done under local anesthesia. Even though the treatment has a surgical character, it does not take long and is not complicated. During the treatment, you will not feel any pain of course. If you are afraid to bear implants placement with local anesthesia, you can ask your dentist to perform our treatment under general anesthesia, but then the length of the procedure will extend and the costs will go up. Nonetheless, even patients who are very skeptical and sensitive with regard to dental treatment have all on 4 performed under local anesthesia.

Qualifications/expertise of specialist

Dental Travel Poland cooperates with the best dental clinics in Poland. We are aware of the fact that all on 4 abroad is a serious and tough treatment. Hence, from the very beginning, you will be under treatment of an implantologist specializing in full jaw restoration. We offer free consultations for patients, and even if you want to have only the consultation concerning your all on 4 in Poland, it will be done by an implantologist to ensure the highest quality of the service. You will also know who your dentist is in advance. We will give you all the details about your Polish dentist, his experience, and testimonials. Our implantologists are highly professional and are constantly working on improving their, already considerable, skills by taking part in numerous courses, meetings, symposia, and conferences.

Other treatments performed in conjunction

Your jaws need to be carefully prepared for having implants. First of all, your overall health needs to be in good condition, as even a minor cold may prevent installing implants. Also, before having all on 4 in Poland, the dentist might recommend you to do some root canal treatment or other preparatory dental work. If you have remaining teeth, they will be extracted on the same visit as placing implants. Alternatively, you may have your teeth extracted in a separate visit, but then you wait at least 3 months before starting implantation treatment. The most common procedure before your affordable all on 4 in Poland is bone graft. When your gums are not dense enough and are receding, the dentist will start your treatment with implementing the needed amount of bio bone, and after that, the implants will be installed.

Number of teeth  

All on 4 consists of 4 implants, to which bridge made of crowns is put. The crowns placed on implants look just like natural teeth. Their color, shape, and size are carefully prepared by the dentist, as a result you feel comfortable and confident again! The number of crowns will be proposed by your implantologist. In general, the dentists suggest 10-14 crowns for each jaw depending on the width of your smile. Usually, the crowns cover the area of your jaws where your teeth are visible while you smile or talk.

Dental tourism in Poland

If you look for a professional and cheap all on 4 abroad, contact Dental Travel Poland. We offer one of the most affordable all on 4 treatment abroad. You will be given your treatment plan, detailed price and details about your dentist and clinic in advance. Your individual assistant from Dental Travel Poland will help you organize your trip and treatment in most convenient time for you! We offer the best clinics in numerous cities, e.g. Warsaw, Kraków, Gdańsk or Wrocław. Contact us and enjoy your new, fabulous and naturally-looking teeth for your whole life after your cheap all on 4 in Poland!


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