Is all on 6 in Poland good for me?

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smiling coupleA lot of people struggle with losing teeth so if you have the same problem there is a good solution for you! You may decide to wear dentures but if you feel uncomfortable with it, you might be a perfect candidate for all on 6 in Poland.

Is All on 6 a good solution for me?

The best candidates for all on 6 are people who are toothless or do not have all teeth in one of the arches (upper or lower).  Cheap all on 6 has many advantages: they are lifelong, settled and you do not notice the difference between implants and real teeth. All on 6 implants allow you to eat solid foods, talk and joke without embarrassment.

Additionally, all on 6 implants contribute to protecting your jaw. Inserting implant into jawbone will counteract bone loss that may lead to facial sagging.  You are considered to be an ideal patient for all on 6 dental implants if you are a missing majority of your tooth or you are simply toothless. Additionally, you need to be in good health. There are some factors that can affect merging bone with an implant as osteoporosis, diabetes, heavy smoking and overusing alcohol. Moreover, young people and kids are not good patients for all on 6  implants because their jawbones are not fully grown. On this account, you need to consult your dentist before installing implants in order to inform him about your health condition to dispel all your doubts.

The process of installation all on 6 implants

The process of implementing all-on-6 and all-on-4 is similar to the denture installation process. Before the procedure dentist needs to have the detailed picture of your mouth to achieve it you need to perform certain examinations using the ScanX Digital Panoramic X-Ray System. In order to draw up the detailed programme of your treatment. It makes your procedure with forecastable effects. Through the usage of the latest dentist technologies, your dentist is able to adjust all even the smaller details to your individual case. Therefore, before the procedure, your dentist will discuss with you in details the whole procedure so that you can make a conscious decision. In order to carry out the procedure, your dentist will install the desired amount of implants into your bone. When it comes to the all on 6 procedure two implants are installed near the front part of the mouth while the remaining 2 are implanted closer to the back part of the oral cavity. In many cases, the patient will benefit from the installing more implant to achieve a more solid foundation for the denture. Following the dental implants installation, the individually made denture is placed. After approximately 6 months, the implants will merge with jawbone thereby making the solid foundation for restoration.


Perfect candidate for all on 6 procedure

Majority of patients claim that after all on 6 implants installation, they regained self-confidence. All on 6 in Poland is especially popular when it comes to the elderly patients because it can restore the whole jaw during the one procedure that lasts only one day. A lot of people choose all on 6 implants because it is the cheapest way to restore all of the teeth.

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Disadvantages of all on 6

Each medical procedure is connected with certain risk, all on 6 also. Undoubtedly, the procedure has numerous benefits but one may wonder what can potentially go wrong during the procedure. Below we will inform you about potential all on 6 risks and the preventive measures that you can undertake to avoid possible complications.

First of all, approximately 97% of procedures endures for at least 10 years (probably no longer but only empirical data regarding this period is available). The reason for ¾ failures of all on 6 treatment is due to dentist’s incompetency and inappropriate after procedure care.

The major risk is connected with the fact that at least one implant is misplaced or is not entirely cured. Smoking cigarettes and consuming alcohol can have a harmful impact on all on 6 implants. It can lengthen healing period and be the frequent reason for implant failure. Luckily, the implant’s failure is not a serious issue, due to the fact that implementation is a simple procedure, you can have your implant replaced during one visit.

In our clinic we take up all of the possible measures to avoid the implant’s failure, firstly, we have experienced dentist. What is more, we use the best tools and the newest technologies because your security is our priority.

At the other hand of the spectrum, the reason for failures of all on 6 treatment may lay in the placement of permanent denture. The most frequent reason for all-on-6 failures is when inexperienced dentist put acrylic or plastic denture on implants. Although this solution may be possible but also in theory, in fact, they frequently stain or amass food scraps or plaque, that may cause unpleasant breath. It is not problematic in case of traditional removable dentures but when it comes to all on 6 it’s different.

It is advisable when it comes to all on 6 to create them from fused porcelain or zirconium because of two simple reasons. Firstly, they are easier to maintain and secondly the risk of damage is less. Even if it happens the dentist is able to repair it immediately.

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All in all, all on 6 procedure is suitable for those are toothless or are left with few teeth.  Make sure that before making the decision about performing the procedure you are informed about all pros and cons. All on 6 implants are a good solution for those who are embarrassed with their traditional denture. If you have questions or concerns about all on 6, contact Dental Travel Poland! It is the company which serves over 400 of foreign patients yearly. The company offers not only the best quality services but also the most affordable prices The team of trained customer service consultants will answer all of your questions and provide the best solution adjusted to your personal needs.


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