5 Top Dental Myths!

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There are many myths about dental health care but according to dentists in Poland, you should watch out for these 5 most popular myths!

1. Teeth whitening weakens your teeth

Teeth whitening products are harmless if used according to the directions. Dental treatment in Poland is very advanced and the dentists are professionals, who whiten teeth perfectly.

2. Brushing harms your gums

This isn’t true if you brush with a soft toothbrush and floss regularly and gently.

3. Bad breath comes from not brushing your teeth

This can’t be true as breath has many causes and only one of them is poor dental hygiene. Tooth diseases may give you bad breath.

4. More sugar = worse teeth

The truth is it’s not about the amount of sugar you eat, it’s about how long the sugar is in contact with your teeth.

5. An aspirin applied directly will kill tooth pain

This is completely wrong- you should never put aspirin directly on or near an aching tooth. This may cause burns. If you want to tak an aspirin just swallow it so that it will get absorbed.



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