Can a dentist predict the risk of lung cancer?

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Changes in the cells of a smoker’s mouth allow us to predict similar damage in the lungs – dentists in Poland inform.

Researchers expect that someday a dentist will be able to detect lung cancer in smokers after taking a swab with saliva from the mouth, thus, in many cases it will be possible to avoid the painful and invasive diagnostic such as biopsy.

Lung cancer in the early stages of development is little warning symptoms, to the point where develop to advanced, so early detection of disease is very helpful.

This is great because one day a dentist will be able to diagnose cancer using only a swab instead of complicated examinations. Dental treatment in Poland is getting more and more advanced.

Researchers looked for changes in the specific genes both in the oral cavity and in the lungs of 125 smokers who were surveyed.


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