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smiling girl with white teethTimes when „false teeth” were embarrassing, uncomfortable and unsafe are long gone now. Modern dental treatment such as all on 4 abroad is much safer and permanent. It is comfortable to have, looks natural and is a permanent solution, so You don’t have to ever take it off.

During an all on 4 abroad or anywhere else there will be 4 dental implants put on the lower and upper bridge in Your mouth. The new teeth itself are put on that bridge. It means less pain for You and less time spent at a clinic – after just two visits You will have a permanent all on 4 placed for good. It looks as good as the natural set of teeth and takes away all the insecurities and doubts that You had about Your teeth before. It is also good for Your mouth health as it prevents further jaw bone decay. This sort of denture does not get loose with time, even if the jaw shape will change.

Safe all on 4

All on 4 is a safe procedure, maybe one of the safest dental implants procedure on the market. The risk involved with putting on separately each new tooth implant is high and with just four implants it is much lower. Fewer visits to the clinics to mean safer all on 4, as there is less room for any mistake and also shorter healing time. This means that complications are less prone to occur. So as You know this method is truly perfect for anyone with teeth problem. But it is a mistake to ignore the potential problems involved, as it is still a serious dental procedure, so there are all on 4 risks. It doesn’t mean that the procedure is ineffective, but it is important to point out that there are all on 4 risks that a person must know about before undergoing the treatment.

How to avoid problems with all on 4

What patients usually don’t realize is that they alone are the most powerful when it comes to avoiding problems with new teeth. So if You ask Yourself how to avoid problems with all on 4 the answer is usually to listen to doctors advice and take proper care of Your teeth. There are instances where a patient is so comfortable with his new teeth results that his lifestyle changes for worse, and in the result the problems with his denture start to be present. It is really important to avoid smoking at least in the first weeks after the procedure, as it can jeopardize the implant insertion into the bone or prolong the healing process. Smokers do tend to suffer from more infections than non-smokers, so it can result in problems with all on 4. The same goes for other stimulants when used in excess.

All on 4 failure

If a person endures in the lifestyle mentioned above it is possible that the denture will not bond properly with the bone, as all on 4 is not for everyone. In result all on 4 failure is possible and it can fall out or become loose. One Spanish study found out that the total risk of failure is approx. 1,5 % for non-smokers and 15,8 % for smokers. Other risky behaviors may further affect the results, which is why all on 4 is not for everyone. The other factors that could affect the result are diabetes, especially uncontrolled diabetes. If You have controlled diabetes and take proper care of Your health, You might still be able to undergo this treatment. Some studies suggest that there is no difference in controlled and uncontrolled diabetes success rate, but with the latter, the time spent on recovery is much longer.

Cheap all on 4

It is not entirely true that cheap all on 4 equals bad quality and therefore problems with dentures. For sure, the risk is higher with low-quality materials, and this can be used in UK or German clinics of lower standards. So if You can’t afford the best dental option in Your native country it is advisable to undergo the procedure somewhere else. Dental Travel Poland is one of the leading companies that assist with finding the best care and products in Poland. All on 4 in Poland is much cheaper than in Western countries, while the standard is the same (and in some instances better, as You may learn from our previous happy customers). For the fraction of a price, You can have a great experience and long lasting dentures that fits You perfectly. If You worry about cultural differences between countries You don’t have to, as most of the Polish doctors speak English. Some of them have experience in British or German hospitals or even are trained in Western universities. So apart from a higher standard of Your stay in a clinic and better materials, You can afford, Your experience with all on 4 in Poland will be the same as anywhere else in Western Europe.

Why is dental tourism in Poland the best solution?

While going to a clinic in UK or German You may be unaware of additional costs that doctor might choose not to mention. With Dental Travel Poland You have a team of professionals at Your disposal. We worked with many patients and clinics before so we can even give You estimated cost of the procedure. On the further stages, You will be informed about every detail of dental procedure cost. Dental Travel Poland is also the perfect solution for anyone who knows the advantages of going to the doctor in the East of Europe but doesn’t want to do this alone. It is a good decision as our team knows the best about costs and can also recommend the best clinic possible. It is safer than risking on Your own with the choice of professional and clinic that You don’t know. We at Dental Travel Poland are here to help You with every step of Your journey. If You have any questions feel free to contact our team.


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