Will my all on 4 look natural?

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girl having dental procedureThere was an era when „false teeth” were made of plastic and put for the night in the glass on the night stand. In that time to have one was embarrassing, uncomfortable and unsafe. Nowadays dental treatment moved from that kind of services and clients have access to the wide array of modern permanent dentures. Modern full mouth dental implants are comfortable, look natural and are permanent dentures that You don’t have to ever take off.

All On 4 is a permanent solution

All on 4 is the permanent solution in which 4 dental implants are a foundation for the lower and upper bridge in Your mouth. This way there is no need (and no way!) to take it out ever. The other plus of this kind of product is that it looks as good – and sometimes even better! – as the natural set of teeth. This is especially important when there are not many natural teeth left, and they don’t look good anymore. To reverse the symptoms of teeth-aging would be very time-consuming and costly process, so it is usually better to just take advantage of the natural results of all on 4.

Natural results of all on 4

The role of an implant is the same as the role of the natural teeth root that supports the crown. That is why it gives such a natural feel and look. The loss of the teeth can be dangerous, as it triggers the erosion of the jawbone. That is why if not only for appearance, it is good to have cheap all on 4 procedure for jaw health and to prevent any future problems. As it takes the shape of the jaw bone, this sort of denture does not get loose with time, even if the jaw shape will change.

All on 4 benefits

There are many all on 4 benefits. First of all, it is the natural look, appearance, and feel of this kind of teeth. Secondly, it is the benefit in terms of a long-term jaw health. It is also less hustle than traditional implants, as it doesn’t require as many dentist appointments during and after the procedure. Older methods also took more time and were very painful for the client. Instead of just 4 implants patient would typically get 8-12 implants per arch, which makes other methods very time to consume and expensive. Other dentures can’t be done in just a one day, making it very uncomfortable as the patient must parade with just partially done set of teeth. With the all on 4 procedure patient walks out of the clinic with his new teeth on the same day. There is only one more visit in next six to eight weeks when he or she gets the permanent bridge. To undergo it is a very beneficial move especially for patients with broken or missing teeth, who before couldn’t even enjoy their favorite foods. It also brings back confidence, which could be missing because of unhealthy and unesthetic teeth.

Taking care of Your new teeth

With traditional denture, there is a big risk of complications and many steps that must be done in order to be happy with the results for long. In case of All on 4, it is not as time-consuming and complicated, although of course, You can do a lot to improve Your experience and prolong teeth health. There will be pieces of advice that You will get from Your dentist about what to do in the first days, as well as how to take care of Your teeth for the rest of the time. The most important thing You can do to ensure that Your teeth will be beautiful is to choose the right professional. To find the one that is recommended by many in the United Kingdom or Germany may be easy, but usually, this sort of specialist comes with a hefty price tag for the procedures. You can as well contact us to meet one of the best professionals from Poland, whose services are much cheaper. We can assure You about his or her credentials and give You all details You need about his practice and experience. Nowadays it is common to meet Polish dentist who studied abroad (the United Kingdom and Germany are popular destinations) or have experience in Swedish, German or British hospitals. That is why You don’t have to worry about any difference in standards or practice.

Cheap all on 4

All on 4 is a quite costly procedure, so it is natural to look for an affordable all on 4 in Your native country. It is possible to find cheaper versions, but usually, the quality would not be the same. First of all cheap dentist in Sweden, Germany or United Kingdom usually will not be the best professional available. Affordable all on 4 in the UK or other European countries usually means not the same materials as used in the most expensive procedures, and this can affect the overall experience as well as the results. It is very important to choose right All on 4 as the effect will stay with You for years to come.

Dental tourism in Poland is cost effective

There is a way to have a beautiful smile, work with the best professionals, and at the same time save money. To achieve that goal You could decide to undergo this procedure in a cheaper European country. What You get in a private clinic in Poland is the same standards as anywhere else in Europe, but for the much more affordable price. All On 4 is cost effective when done in a country such as Poland, but in the meantime, You get the service of the best of Polish professionals and good quality materials. Also, the overall experience may be much better in Poland, as top clinic would typically cost as much as the average place in countries such as the United Kingdom. That is why many of our clients say that they were surprised how luxurious and positive their experience in Poland was.


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