Is All on 4 Good For Everyone?

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girl smiling during all on 4 procedureAll on 4 treatment, also called an implant supported denture, is a safe dental technique of a full jaw restoration. All on 4 in Poland is an alternative to regular dentures and can restore full set of upper or lower teeth. Commonly, 4 implants are installed in the jawbone as a base for the denture – crowns on the implants.
The main advantage of the cheap all on 4 abroad is that it is a permanent system, which makes the most of the patient’s bone available. Hence, in most cases, there is no need for bone grafting before the procedure.
Safe all on 4 procedure requires 2 trips to Poland. During the first one – the implants are installed and temporary denture provided. After that, the bone needs to heal properly and the implants need to anchor themselves, so from 3 up to 6 months of all on 4 recovery time is needed. A temporary denture is normally attached to the abutments and can be used throughout the healing time. During the second trip, the permanent crowns (denture) are installed on the implants.

Is All On 4 For Everyone?

All on 4 is not for everyone. There are many factors, which have to be taken into consideration while assessing a patient for the all on 4 treatment. Those factors are of a wide range, and include clinical, anatomical and biomechanical aspects. All of them need to be examined carefully by the specialist implantologist. Of course, it is the job of the dentist and his team to establish if in a particular case the all on 4 treatment will be safe, but also a lot is in the patient’s hands, as they need to provide their doctor with a detailed information about their condition and ask questions.
By doing so, patients, as well as dentists, will be sure that the cooperation is smooth and will enjoy the process and the best all on 4 results.

Am I a good candidate for an All-on-4?

All on 4 is one of the best options available for edentulous patients. The all on 4 success rate and all on 4 results depends on each case individually, and as stated above, there are various factors, which need to be adequately diagnosed before the all on 4 treatment is recommended.

In general, we can say that most patients are good candidates for all on 4, however, there are some conditions, which need to be taken into account, as not every single person is a perfect candidate for all on 4. For example, in many cases, it is recommended to install 6 or 8 implants instead of 4.

Medical condition

Before moving won with the all on 4 surgery, it is usually recommended to check the overall health and medical condition. There are certain diseases, which can affect the all on 4 results and potentially lead to all on 4 implant failure. For instance, the teeth loss may be caused by undiagnosed diabetes, and you should be aware that non-treated diabetes can pose a risk to the all on 4 success rate.

Smoking and other habits

You should know, that in case you are a heavy smoker the risk of the all on 4 failure is higher. Smoking is not a strict contraindication for the implantation, however, you may need more than 4 implants to serve as a base for your denture.

Amount of jawbone remaining

The amount of the bone in the jaw is checked with the use of CBCT scan, which will be performed during the initial consultation. If it turns out that you do not have enough bone to properly anchor the implants, you can still be a good candidate for the all on 4. You will only need to have a bone graft performed first.


All On 4 Risks

When it comes to the all on 4 risks, the most concerning one is the implant failure. It may happen that at least one of the implants does not take the hold, whether due to its misplacement or due to the fact, that the bone did not heal properly. Another thing is, that recent studies show, that alcohol and nicotine intake, during the first weeks after the implantation can increase the risk of all on 4 failure. Both nicotine and alcohol pose a threat to the healing process. Luckily, even if it sounds troubling, the implant failure has no huge consequences. The implantation process is quite simple, so your dentist can replace the implant with ease, during one appointment.
At Dental Travel Poland we make sure to work only with the best of the best and take every precaution to make your implants and all on 4 last. Our specialists use the best materials and equipment to ensure that your all on 4 is cost effective and durable.

all on 4What if All On 4 Fails?

We can safely say, that the majority of implants are highly successful, with the proper diagnosis, careful planning, skilled dentist, use of good materials and appropriate dental care. Actually, recent studies show that the all on 4 success rate is over 95%.

Nevertheless, there is still a small chance that the implants may fail. Besides the surgical breakdown, most commonly implants fail due to the overload. It simply means, that after the crown, bridge or denture placement on the implant, there is too much pressure put on it. In such cases, the single implant works very hard while biting, chewing or grinding.

In cases when the implant is a part of a bridge or denture, its’ main job is to support and carry the pressure, which normally would be carried by the natural teeth roots. When the load is excessive, patients experience bone loss in the jaw, which leads to the implant failure.

The dispensation of these pressure forces is the most important aspect of the implants success rate. two main considerations have to be taken into account while deciding if cheap all on 4 abroad is a proper choice. The more teeth are replaced with implants, the bigger stress and pressure is placed on the implants and the surrounding bone. In case the opposite dentition is too strong, the implant will be a subject to extreme forces. All in all, the bigger the pressure, the more implants are needed to distribute the load evenly.

In the all on 4 abroad solutions, there are only 4 implants installed to support the whole arch of your new teeth. If the forces are low, the bone is healthy and full, and the implants are installed properly, with a good size and angle, the all on 4 is very successful and will last you a lifetime. However, even if only one of the implants fails, some problems may occur, as the denture would have to be removed and additional implants placed. Then, the new restoration would have to be installed, and that is time-consuming, as well as costly. You should visit a good specialist, to ensure that you all on 4 results will be durable.

If you would like to get more information and check whether you are a good candidate for the safe all on 4 in Poland, feel free to contact our Team! We are ready to help you book the cheap all on 4 treatment abroad!


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