Breakfast is essential to healthy teeth

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Food which supplies our body with breakfast is not only an energy base. Breakfast is a meal that can be safely called a base of dental health. It should therefore provide the necessary nutrients and vitamins.  Sweets, like sweetened cereal or bread with jam, for breakfast are not a good idea: they help teeth decay develop, and the amount of nutrients that are contained in them certainly are not enough to cover the needs of the body.

A very good choice for breakfast that is healthy for teeth is muesli – provided that you prepare them yourself or buy a ready-mix with no added sugar, syrup or honey and eat with milk or yogurt, and after the meal make sure to brush your teeth. Muesli, especially those that are prepared from purified small grains, provides valuable natural vitamins and minerals needed to maintain the health of teeth and periodontal tissues. Together with yogurt or milk they give the body calcium which strengthens tooth enamel and jaw bones. If you prefer sandwiches for breakfast, choose whole wheat bread or grains, cheese, vegetables and fruit.

Instead of drinking coffee or black tea, try unsweetened green tea or fruit and herbal teas. The abuse of black tea or coffee dims the beautiful white color of enamel. Green or fruit tea is rich in vitamins and minerals and contains ingredients which protect against cancer by destroying pathogenic microorganisms.

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