Interesting facts about implants

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  • Implants were invented by a Swedish orthopaedist,  prof. Per Ingmar Brenemark, while researching blood microcirculation in the bones of rabbits. The professor fixed titanium implants to the rabbits’ bones and after the study was completed they couldn’t be removed because they have already accreted with the bones.


  • Implants aren’t a good idea for people who don’t take proper care of their oral hygiene – both before and after surgery the oral hygiene should be maintained at a very high level. Otherwise, healing takes longer and the risk of inflammation near the implant increases. Similar restrictions apply to heavy smokers – cigarette smoke delays the healing of wounds and fosters the development of inflammation.


  •  Implants are recommended as a method of prosthesis for people with problems with the digestive system. They are great for the elderly, who are often toothless and therefore don’t grind their food accurately. Big chunks of food irritate the digestive tracts delicate structure and cause the development of  inflammation that is difficult to treat. Ordinary dentures provide 30% of chewing forces, implants give 100% –  which means that the food is properly grinded and you don’t have to give up eating hard food.


  •   For about a week after fixing the implant to the bones you shouldn’t perform heavy physical work, play sports or eat spicy or hard food.


  •    Dental implants in Poland are made by the use of the newest technologies and of the best quality materials. The country is beautiful and the specialists are among the best in Europe, so travelling for an appointment with a dentist in Poland is worth it.



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