Dental implants in Poland

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Dental implants in Poland are increasing in popularity as they are the best choice for a tooth reconstruction. Today’s advanced approach to dental treatment in Poland allows you to choose your implants among the best available and experience the highest quality dental service.

So what are dental implants?

A dental implant is a titanium screw driven by a dentist into the jawbone. It acts as the tooth’s root. Dental implants are often confused with a false tooth, whereas a false tooth consists of an implant along with a denture. The main advantage of dental implants are the comfort of using them and their amazing permanence. The whole dental treatment is not simple though. It takes up to a few months for the implant to connect with the bone and only then is the prosthesis ready to be put on.  Before you undergo the treatment you must get a full dental check-up to make sure there are no potential sources of infection. After the procedure remember to get a dental check-up every few months.


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