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The most common dentures are acrylic dentures, unfortunately they are not the best.  One of the main flaws of acrylic dentures is that there is residual monomer in their composition, which causes allergies in many patients. Acrylic is used for both removable partial dentures as well as for complete dentures. Aside from taking good care of your denture, you should get a dentist check-up every year and replace it every 4-5 years.

Our newly opened dental clinic in Świdnik, near Lublin, offers dentures made of modern thermoplastic materials of the best quality, i.e. acetal and nylon. They are more comfortable, lasting and aesthetic than other dentures. Dentures in Swidnik made of acetal or nylon are made for patients with complete or partial tooth loss. Patients do not suffer from allergies or inflammation because there is no residual monomer or any toxic substances in their contents. They also prevent dental plaque and bacteria or fungi development. If you are still considering dental treatment in Poland and which denture to chose, keep in mind the high quality of dentures made of acetal and nylon.


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