10 Tips for Booking a Cheap Flight to Poland

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book your flight to PolandYou have just decided to get dental treatment in Poland and now you need to find the airline tickets for the best price – how to deal with it in the best way? – read our 10 helpful tips!  

Although there are many airline companies and flight search engines which have great offers, it is not easy to find the best travel option in the immensity of offers and promotions. It takes a lot of time to have everything arranged and usually we end up spending more than we wanted – do you have a similar experience?

Fortunately, we have prepared some very useful tips which will answer the most important questions for our patients, such as: When should you book the ticket? What day is best for the travel? Which search engine to use? We hope that the following tips will make it easier for you to plan the next journey and you will make use of the opportunity of dental treatment abroad more often. Our Dentists in Poland are waiting for you!

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1. Test the 24-hour rule

Book your ticket, but check the same offer the next morning to see if the price of your airfare has changed. If it has, you can cancel your flight (call the airline) and rebook it without penalty.

2. The best day to set off: Wednesday

According to FareCompare.com, Wednesday is the cheapest day to set off on a travel.

“The day with the most seats is likely to have better supply, and thus … more empty seats that require discounting to fill the plane—meaning they’ll have to release more seats at their cheapest price point.”

3. Best time to search for deals

Early morning – you’ll see most deals
At night – these are the absolute cheapest offers, but often these flights are on limited routes.

During the day- it is recommended to buy tickets on Saturday, Sunday and Tuesday.

Social media4.Check the social media ad sign up for alerts

Airlines are changing prices even several times a day, so you should set alerts on their websites and monitor social channels. Airlines have been experimenting with blasting fares via social media. But you have to be fast: Some deals can be sold out within few hours. There are special sales to Facebook fans as well, so it can be profitable to click “Like it”.

It is worth to sign up for free alerts from AirfareWatchdog.com as well. Thanks to this site, you’ll get pinged when the prices decrease and you can receive some excellent deals. The site uses real people to search for the best flight deals, so you can find some offers you wouldn’t find otherwise.

5. Fly out early morning

The first flight of the morning is usually the cheapest one. You can also find promotional prices after lunch or around dinner time.

6. Book in advance

According to a study by Airlines Reporting Corporation the best time to purchase your flight is about six weeks prior to the travel. It is a great option when you are planning a dental travel. It is better to plan this kind of a trip in advance.

7. Check the airline’s site

This tip is frequently forgotten, but it is worth repeating. Airlines can host private sales and offer very competitive prices for hard-bitten hunters. They offer affordable prices even without special discounts.

Last minute travel to Poland8. Last-minute trips

The Airlines are known for cutting prices when they can’t fill planes for an upcoming weekend trip. They send emails with offers for the coming weekend usually on Tuesday. You can leave Friday night or anytime Saturday, then return on Monday or Tuesday. This rule does not necessarily work with dental travel, when you have an appointment in a dental clinic abroad. Such offers include short-term stay.

9. Top flight search tools according to The Telegraph.co.uk

  • Kayak tool is useful for searching for multiple airline fares at a time. You can instantly see a map with all the destinations listed under a set budget.
  • FlightFox tool to search for special fares. It uses multiple experts, they are called “flight hackers”. This option is payable (cost $29) but the fee is fully refundable, according to the site’s front page.
  • Skyscanner – other giant offers with a straightforward interface.
  • Momondo
  • TravelSupermarket 
  • Google Flight Search

This can be a bit time consuming, but it is also profitable to visit multiple pages and search engines to find the right offer for you and save money on your travel.

10. It is worth to be flexible.

Try adding a couple days before or after your planned travel days to lower the cost of the tickets.


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