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Tom Cruise - before and after smile

Most people, even celebrities, aren’t born with a perfect pearly smile. With celebrities, the importance of their smile can be even larger than the rest of us because they are constantly being watched and also have their smiles shown on screens around the world. And when it comes to smile, it’s not so easy to disguise ugly and discoloured teeth to the crowd of fans and paparazzi. For this reason, celebrities who wish to improve their smile, usually choose cosmetic dentistry treatments. They can change the colour, shape or size of the teeth. Also lip or gum imbalances can be corrected by the cosmetic dentists, to get an improved aesthetic result of our smile.

Let us consider any superstar that may come to our mind. We picture a person with pearly white smile that dazzles and causes jealousy of the onlookers. Therefore, it may be surprising to you that even the most famous people haven’t always been able to boast of such a healthy smile. Supposing you look at these celebrities’ “before photos”, you’ll understand why they have chosen to get their teeth overhauled.

Enjoy the looks of the following stars who’ve had cosmetic dentistry treatments and thanks to these decisions their careers are flourishing.

Nicolas Cage

Nicolas Cage

Nicolas Cage has always been a unique actor. In 1984 he kills two birds with one stone. He actually had two teeth pulled to get into character for the 1984 film “Bird”.  But once Cage moved on to leading man roles, his devastated-looking teeth were ready for a makeover and he received a new „Hollywood smile”. Cage got a full set of porcelain veneers, which seem to have served him well. He even won an Oscar for “Leaving Las Vegas”.


Tom Cruise - before and after smileTom Cruise

The star of “Mission Impossible”, “Top Gun” and a slew of other hit movies started his career with discolored and crooked teeth. To become a leading actor, Tom Cruise had to call to a number of cosmetic dentists. His treatments included teeth whitening procedure and straightening his teeth. Apparently, that wasn’t enough. The Scientology devotee has upgraded his smile with dental veneers since then.

Cher Lloyd smileCher Lloyd

Cher Lloyd skyrocketed to fame as a contestant on the British series “The X Factor”. While her voice was perfect, her smile was not. She had her teeth brightened and filled in the small gap in front. Early in her career, the singer confided to some magazine that she “hated” her teeth and thought they made her look like a rabbit.


George Clooney

George Clooney

Between collecting Oscars, George Clooney finds time to go to the dentist regularly. Mr. Clooney supposedly grinds his teeth when he is stressed out. That is why he needs a full set of dental veneers for replacement teeth. It is’t hard to believe that the most adored man has so much stress in his life.


Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham “Posh”, the most famous member of the Spice Girls is known for her style and fashion sense. But Beckham’s old teeth were anything but posh, with uneven spacing and wide gaps. Before became a superstar in the all-girl group in the late 1990’s, Victoria had her teeth straightened and bonded.


Celine DioneCeline Dion

Singer Celine Dion has the perfect voice, but her teeth weren’t perfect until she decided to cosmetic dentistry procedures in the 1990’s. Dion’s teeth are smaller and whiter now than they were in the 1980’s. Thanks to that she looks like a diva.


 Mike TysonMike Tyson

Boxers aren’t generally known for their pretty teeth. But as for Mike Tyson, he even lost his standard teeth in the front. At first, he replaced it with gold caps on his front teeth. Now he has the gap closed ever so slightly and abandoned the gold caps for porcelain veneers. His teeth are smaller and closer together than they have ever been.


Catherine Zeta-JonesCatherine Zeta Jones

Actress and Oscar winner Catherine Zeta Jones has it all: beauty, talent and thanks to her cosmetic dentist, she has a mouthful of pearly teeth. The actress has said she was teased as a child for her crooked teeth and she had braces as a teen. Over the years, she’s had procedures performed to both whiten and straighten her teeth. Now her smile arouses jealousy for sure.


Morgan FreemanMorgan Freeman

Morgan Freeman is one of the most famous actors of his generation, but his teeth had become yellowed as he aged. The Oscar nominee had them whitened a few years ago and also got the gap in the middle taken out. The actor looks a decade younger than he did before seeing his cosmetic dentist. All thanks to cosmetic dentistry.


Cheryl ColeChery Cole

One of the judges on the British version of “The X Factor,” Cheryl Cole is also one of her country’s most famous performers. But there was nothing entertaining about her teeth before her dental treatments procedures. She got her start on another British reality show, her teeth were notably longer and pointed. Since joining “X Factor,” she’s visited a cosmetic dentist who whitened her teeth and eliminated the gaps.

What dental services the celebrities choose most often?

Dental veneers is the most popular cosmetic dentistry procedures. Porcelain veneers or dental veneers can completely renew your smile and improve your look.

  • Thanks to dental veneers cosmetic dentists can repair chipped and broken teeth.
  • The veneers also repair unsightly gaps between your teeth which can be corrected with cosmetic dentistry to give perfect teeth using porcelain veneers or dental veneers.
  • Moreover, cosmetic dentist can straighten crooked teeth by dental veneers or porcelain veneers.

Dental crowns and bridges

Dental crown procedure is an artificial tooth-shaped replacement installed over a tooth. It covers the tooth restoring its strength, shape and size. The crown installed in place completely covers the tooth starting from the gum line.

Dental implants

Teeth implants procedure are used as tooth root replacement and are made of titanium in the form of very small screws. Teeth implants can be used to replace a single or several lost teeth. Teeth implants look like natural teeth and they are the best way to reduce the inconvenience of losing our natural teeth.


Discoloured teeth can be whitened with professional teeth whitening by the cosmetic dentist in a short period of time.


You are completely wrong if you think that an attractive smile is unreachable for you. Not only celebrities can have a perfect smile but also we, ordinary people. Each of us can give themselves perfectly healthy and beautiful teeth. Dental treatments that are used by celebrities are widely known and available. All you must do is to call your dental clinic.

Give yourself a Hollywood smile!


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