FAQ - Questions about Dental Treatments and Travel to Poland

English speaking dentists 

1. Do your dentists speak English?

   Yes. In every dental clinics we cooperate with, you will find English speaking dentists.


Prices in Poland

 2. When and how do I pay for dental treatment?

 You should pay your bill after every visit in a clinic. You can pay cash (in polish currency) or using a credit card. Most of our clinics accept credit cards, but in some of them you will have to pay cash. Ask our consultans if your clinic accepts credit cards. In case of some of the special offers, cash payment is also required.


Credit cards 

3. Are there any other payments?

 No. Dental Travel Poland will not charge you anything. You will only need to pay your bill in the dental clinic.


Saving on dental treatment in Poland

4. How much money can I save on dental services in Poland?

Let’s use the dental implants in Poland as an example: 4 implants without crowns cost around 7200 pounds in the UK. With Dental Travel Poland you would pay only 2800 pounds which means you save 4400 pounds! In general, the more dental treatment you do in Poland, the more you save.



5. Is it worth to come to Poland just for a dental service?

Absolutely! The biggest advantage is that you can save some money, but it’s not the only one. The quality of the dental service in Poland is of the highest level, you couldn’t get a better one at home. Moreover, there is no waiting lists. Dental Travel Poland allows you visit Poland not only as a patient, but also as a tourist. We are sure that you will enjoy your stay!



6. Do I need any special insurance?

As for the travel risk, we advise you to contact an insurance agency, and get all the information you may need..


Accommodation in Poland

7. How long do I have to stay in Poland?

The duration of your stay will depend on the type of treatment that you are getting. Most of it can be done In 2-3 days, or in a one week visit. However for some of the treatments you may need to come back for a couple of visits. For example teeth implants in Poland require a second visit 4-6 months after the surgery. An estimation of the treatment duration will be prepared for your individual case during your initial visit along with your treatment plan. To get more information about the types of the dental treatment and their duration, click here.


Dental clinic in Poland

8. What kind of materials are used in your dental clinics?

Our Polish dentists are using the very same materials as their colleagues from the UK or any other Western European country.



Dental travel Poland

9. How can I organize my trip?

Dental Travel Poland will help you to organise your dental holidays in Poland. Click here to get detailed information about the steps to take.


dental x-ray

10. How can you guarantee the quality of the treatment?

The highest quality of service is provided in all of the dental clinics in Poland that we cooperate with. The clinics take full responsibility for the quality of the service provided by their dentists. To get more information about the warranty, click here.

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